Brushing teeth is an important part of our dental care routine. If you are not brushing or flossing properly regularly this may create plaque. If the plaque isn’t removed, it builds up and can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental health issues. You may suffer from edematous gingiva, inflamed, loss of gingival contour, and recession. In this situation what techniques can you consider to prevent such problems? Your dentist may suggest various brushing techniques, the most common are bass brushing, and modified bass brushing.

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The bass method or modified bass methods are two different terms. Let's discuss here both:


Bass Brushing


Bass brushing is the most used and effective method for the removal of dental plaque that exists next to and below the gingival margin.


When you need bass brushing?


As Bass Technique Brushing is highly recommended and used by people. When you face the interproximal area or exposed root surfaces, bass brushing is a technique you can use easily. The rotate area under the height of the shape of enamel is also the situation you can use bass brushing. This technique is for everyone from kids to adults.


Bass Brushing Technique


  • Place your brush at a 45° to the gingiva and circulate in little motion.
  • Make a set of 3 teeth and in a single time, repeat the circular motion 20 times
  • After this, your brush is inserted vertically, as the lingual aspect the bottom point of the brush is pressed into the gingival and proximal surfaces at a 45-degree angle.
  • The brush is then as in the active situation
  • The chewing surface of posterior teeth is cleaned by pressing the toothbrush against the gaps and cavity and then the process is done.

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Advantages of bass brushing


  • Easy process
  • Prevent any gum and dental diseases
  • An effective method for removing dental plaque (sticky, colorless, or pale yellow film)
  • Provides good gingival stimulation


Disadvantages of bass brushing


  • Takes a lot of time
  • An energetic brushing may create short holes in the bass technique and can harm gingival.
  • Time-consuming
  • You need to know the proper process.


Find a Top Rated Dentist to understand the brushing technique in detail.


Modified Bass Brushing


You may know how much time a day should be brushing your teeth. Not only brushing your teeth twice a day is sufficient. You may need to understand the technique: How you are brushing your teeth is also an important factor. Knowing the best way to brush will help keep your bright teeth looking healthier for longer. Learn modified bass brushing techniques and prevent plaque and gum disease. The Modified Bass Techniques are different from a bass technique as it has sweeping motion from the cervical to the incisal or occlusal surface.


Modified bass techniques are a recommended process to prevent plaque. You need to consult the Best Local Dentist for this technique to understand the better steps to follow in a regular routine. Make a dentist appointment online and the detailed instructions of bass and modified brushing techniques.


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