Learn the benefits of Invisalign

Learn the benefits of Invisalign

Best Way To Straighten Your Teeth in Stamford

For many teenagers and adults, the technological advancements made in the field of invisible braces have been life-changing. People who previously were so reluctant to suffer through the embarrassment and discomfort of metal braces now can see the same results — or sometimes even better results — with Invisalign aligners.
The benefits of Invisalign far outweigh the cost or lifestyle concerns. Look better faster, prevent future dental consequences caused by crooked teeth and boost your confidence by seeking the services of an Invisalign expert near you at Stamford Invisalign Dentistry. Call today.

Invisalign benefits for teenagers and adults by generating the confidence to smile broadly. Straight teeth are part of an attractive smile, which radiates the aura of friendliness. Also, the image of perfectly straight white teeth leaves a lasting psychological impression of success, happiness and wealth. Crooked teeth and improper tooth alignment, on the other hand, lead to a host of dental complications.

Getting the Invisalign system is fast and easy, especially if you’re close to a cosmetic dental practice in Stamford, Connecticut. Ask your dentist about the orthodontic process. It involves the use of custom trays or clear aligners that fit over your teeth, gently moving them into alignment. You may begin to see results in as little as four to six weeks.

To maximize the Invisalign benefits, you need to be vigilant and keep the aligners on your teeth for up to 24 hours per day. That means taking them out only briefly to eat, drink, brush and floss. Keep them in as much as possible.

Invisalign Benefits vs. Traditional Braces

Traditional braces may straighten your teeth effectively, but they’re often a source of embarrassment. The image and discomfort caused by a metal smile can be painful for both adults and teens, which is why Invisalign is so popular. Your Platinum Invisalign dentist in Stamford recommends the clear aligners for conditions such as:

The Stamford custom-made Invisalign clear aligners fit your mouth exactly because of the 3D image impression taken by your Stamford dentist. You don’t need any wires or bands like you do with traditional braces; they don’t exist in the Invisalign system. No need to worry about difficulty brushing, watching what you eat or a metallic taste in your mouth either. Perhaps the best thing for most people is the clear nature of the aligner trays, unlike metal braces that shout to the world that you’re getting your teeth straightened.

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