A tooth filling is the most common treatment to restore missing tooth structure which could have been a result of decay or trauma. But have you heard BPA free fillings? Does your dentist recommend BPA free filling? What are bpa free fillings? So in this article, you get all information related to bpa free fillings, composite dental free BPA fillings, its benefits. Read the following article carefully to get your all answers.

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Bisphenol A, BPA free fillings are exactly the same as normal composite dental fillings, with the same functions and properties that are used to match your natural teeth. But BPA free fillings are made up of a different composite. Bisphenol filling is a dental resin in which the kinds of plastics including plastic bottles and metal foods. As it contains plastic the environment recommends that this is harmful to human health, a specialty for child growth. But there is no proof of it. So it is recommended by the dentists.

What are bpa free composite fillings?

The dentist uses BPA composite dental filling when people need the natural appearance of the teeth fillings. In this situation, people will not recognize the filling in your mount and thus you feel confident. Compost BPA free filling is completed with a restorative resin material that contains only 30-60% resin than other composite fillings. This filing is considered when your dentist needs to choose a healthier option. When you use composite fillings that are effective and provide good looks. The composite plastic used by your dentist amounts to patients. You can see the previous result that is done by your dentist. And also the experience of people who get fillings done.


The way BPA free fillings and BPA free composite filling respond is similar to the polishing of teeth. Only the repairing process of both are different. The repairing process can differ from both techniques of filling.

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Why does your dentist suggest BPA free dental fillings?


Dental fillings are the treatment to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases. But as fillings direct in the mouth the concern of health is also needed. The products of fillings that contain toxic chemicals like mercury and BPA. This may lead to dental health problems through chronic exposure. Thus, your dentists may recommend BPA free dental filling.


What are the benefits of BPA Free dental Fillings?


  1. Less mercury contains dental fillings that are safer than metal fillings.
  2. Added the conventional method due to the minimal reduction of natural tooth structure
  3. Recovery of strength and provides the treatment for the dental bonding
  4. The permanent BPA free substance does not release toxic materials into the mouth
  5. Strengthen to corrosion and fractures
  6. More attractive and natural-looking
  7. Less chance of tooth sensation


As you can see BPA contains fillings that are harmful as the consequences of BPA exposure. Your dentist may suggest fillings that are free of BPA and have no toxic substances in them. As a result, tooth filling houston uses a BPA-free version of composite fillings.


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