What is the Bass Tooth Brushing Technique?

According to Adult Dentist houston, oral care is necessary for your smile and overall health. There are so many questions regarding oral health care that may include how many times you should brush and floss, or what is the correct method of brushing?

4 Types of Brushing Technique


Basics of oral care:


  1. You should brush twice a day, once in the morning and the second before going to bed. It would be better if you brush after each meal as it will help you greatly to maintain your dental health.
  2. You should brush in all the directions that means up and down, left and right, clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. Never miss cleaning the inner area of teeth.
  4. Use the Interdental brush that will help to remove food particles that have been stuck in between your teeth.
  5. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner.
  6. Rinse your mouth with disinfectant mouthwash liquid.
  7. Visit the dentist in my area twice a year for routine checkups.


You know well that brushing your teeth is an essential factor to maintain good oral health as it removes the germs that promote tooth decay and build tartar that may lead to gum disease. You should take at least two to three minutes to brush your teeth with a proper technique.  Brushing your teeth longer than two minutes can be harmful to your teeth as too much pressure can damage the tooth enamel, gum tissue which can lead to tooth sensitivity or irritated gums.  Also, you should choose the right type of brush so that pressure can be reduced like you can use a soft-bristle toothbrush or an electric toothbrush.

tooth brushing bass technique - video Dailymotion


Some people think that hard-bristled toothbrushes are more helpful to clean teeth but it is not true as hard-bristle brushes damage the gums, root surface, and tooth enamel. Hence, people should choose a soft-bristled toothbrush that will be a more comfortable and safer choice. There are varieties of toothbrushes available in the market you can choose the correct one with the help of Top Dentist Near Me. Also, you can take the advice from the dentist near me open about the right technique of brushing. There are many brushing techniques like Bass Technique, Rotary Brushing Technique, Roll stroke brushing technique, and Horizontal Reciprocating Motion, you should consult a dentist near me open today to know which will be better for you. One popular technique of them is explained below.



Bass Technique Tooth Brushing


It is the most effective technique of brushing that has been used worldwide. There are few steps to follow in the technique:

Modified Bass Brushing Technique

  • Keep the brush at a forty-five-degree angle to the front surface of the tooth and bristles must contact both tooth line and gum line as well.
  • Move the brush in a circular motion in all directions.
  • Clean the inner surface of the back teeth by moving the brush in backward and forward motion.
  • Clean the inner area of the front upper teeth by inclining the brush vertically using small up and down strokes.
  • Clean the inner surface of the front lower teeth by inclining the brush vertically using small up and down strokes,
  • Move the brush in backward and forward motion to clean the biting area.



So, everybody should be careful while choosing the toothbrush as each has different shapes and sizes of teeth. You can visit a dentist near me open to know the suitable brush option for you.


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