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The smile is one of the most beautiful features of the human face, which is why we should care for it. A regular trip to the dentist should be a habit because prevention is the key to maintaining a wonderful, healthy smile. However, such as any other health issue, in order to maintain it, you need to invest in it. Here are some things you can rely on to make your gorgeous smile last for longer.

Don’t spare your toothbrush

Brushing and/or flossing at least two times a day is not a suggestion, it’s a prescription. Brushing eliminates all leftover food in your gum sockets, while flossing removes all caught up pieces between your teeth. By combining these two you are sure to have healthy teeth for the longest time.

But what actually happens if you don’t brush your teeth? First of all, bacteria living in your mouth will continue feeding on your gums, activating your immune system. Once this chain is started, you can easily end up with gingivitis or periodontal disease that causes your teeth to fall out. These bacteria can even cause damage to your kidneys and brain, so be sure to never skip your daily brushes.

Harmless teeth whitening

Although you might think that whitening is not an option if you want to keep your teeth healthy, this is simply not true. Some old methods might have had negative effects on your teeth’s quality, but today, teeth whitening is as harmless as it can be. There are several ways for you to take on this procedure, but one of the most prominent ones is the effective Zoom whitening technique that works with reactive hydrogen peroxide gel. An LED lamp is used to make this procedure faster and more convenient. The best part is that you can maintain your perfectly white teeth after this single appointment on your own because a home maintenance kit is provided.

Skip on the smokes

Smoking is the worst enemy of healthy teeth. Not only do smokers have terrible breath, but they also have yellow teeth, worn out from all the tar, nicotine and other 2000 poisonous chemicals smokes contain. Smokers are also known for the stains on their teeth. If you are a heavy smoker, try using specialized abrasive toothpaste in combination with your regular toothpaste, because they will help you get those stains off. However, the best you can do for your general health is to stop smoking before increasing your risk of throat cancer.

If you have been smoking for more than five years without visiting the dentist’s office, then it’s an absolute necessity to do so as soon as possible. Your dentist can do a thorough examination of your cheeks, tongue and throat and catch any early signs of more severe conditions that may need taking care of.

Drinks you should avoid

Coffee, carbonated beverages and alcohol are especially bad for your teeth for several reasons. First of all, they contain high levels of phosphorous that deplete our body’s levels of calcium. When calcium levels drop due to over-consuming phosphorous drinks, you can easily develop all sorts of gum disease. But don’t be tempted to turn to milk as a rebound. Although it is rich in calcium, pure milk is bad for you due to a natural lactose intolerance that comes with age. Instead, you should opt for lemonade or other fruit juices without added sugar.

So, if you want to maintain your beautiful smile, it’s crucial that you consider some lifestyle changes. Don’t wait for your teeth to go bad, but try preventing all possible problems by simply avoiding all the things that are bad for your teeth and try something new that can help them get better. Remember that your smile is what leaves the best impression, so don’t go wasting it so easily.

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