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The ins and outs of wisdom tooth extraction

Learn more about the pros and cons of wisdom teeth removal.


Wisdom teeth are probably among the most misunderstood teeth ever. Should they stay? Should they go? Are they just a nuisance? The real answer is that there is not just a single answer to this particular question. In fact, there are many possible answers. It all depends on the specific circumstances of the patient.


In some cases, wisdom teeth can grow without a hassle, and they don’t really cause concern. In other circumstances, they can grow in sideways, or crooked, in ways that might eventually push the rest of a person’s teeth out of alignment. In some cases, wisdom teeth growing the wrong way can cause pain and severe distress to the entire jaw, and in extreme cases, even the back and spine of the patient.


For this reason, many people opt for surgery as a way to control the problem and get rid of issues related to their wisdom teeth once and for all.


Wisdom teeth might not always fit behind an individual’s second set of molars due to the development of the jaw. In some cases, they can become impacted (blocked below the gum line) and push other teeth out of alignment. For this reason, proactive wisdom teeth removal is actually really common. This is a preventative removal, which will prevent wisdom teeth from doing any damage whatsoever.


On the other hand, many dentists are aware that removing wisdom teeth could be a stressful operation for some people. For this reason, they tend to recommend retaining wisdom teeth and keep a close watch on them, only recommending surgery when strictly necessary.


The removal of wisdom teeth could have various surgical complications, exposing a person to the risk of infection, bleeding and other unlikely, yet possible repercussions. However, the removal of wisdom teeth also brings a wide range of benefits, including protecting the rest of your teeth, gums and bite alignment in the long run. Wisdom teeth are also a common cause of tooth decay, infection and gum disease.


Wisdom tooth extraction is something that should be considered very carefully. Talk to your doctor and dentist at length to determine the best course of action for you. Your dental team will be able to suggest the best route to adopt in your particular situation.


The removal of wisdom teeth is definitely one of the most discussed topics in dentistry today, and even seasoned professionals in the industry have contrasting opinions about it. However, it is really all down to you. Wisdom teeth could either be harmless, or they could produce a wide range of issues. It’s up to you to determine whether you’d be better off with or without them!

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