Straumann implants

If you use Straumann Implants, why do you do it. If not, what do you recommend?Is there a limit regarding how narrow an implant can be and still function ?

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  • I use Straumann Roxolid for extremely narrow ridges and Astra Tech for everything else. In my opinion, Astra Tech is the best implant on the market due to its great integration rate as well as its flexibility for prosthetics. For the majority of my Astra cases I use Atlantis Abutments (which Astra Tech owns) and have seen great results with them. I have placed 15 different systems in my time placing implants going back to my residency and by far the best two implants on the market are Straumann and Astra Tech.

    Hope that Helps,

    Todd Welch, DMD

  • We are creating radiographic templates and design proposals for guided implant surgerys with Straumann's coDiagnostiX software and gonyX table.  Have any of you used this system with Straumann or other systems.  It is compatible with 30+ implant systems.  We are starting to set implants in the casts and make immediate temporaries as well for our surgical counterparts.

  • we also have a straumann tissue level implant but ours in made in the usa and packaged in israel and sybron is made in korea - plus the price is $85 for an implant -
  • HI Dr. Ostling - I'm not sure if you decided to use the Straumann system in your office. However, my company has developed a straumann compatible implant that is very competively priced. It was delveloped at NYU and offers several surgical upgrades to the ITI system at a fraction of a price. On special our implants starts at $149.

    Let me know if you'd like to learn some more!

  • We do use Straumann implants in our periodontal and implant surgical practice. The implant has been well researched and has a long track record of clinical success. The restorative phase is simple. More recently, we have been using the Bone Level fixtures in the anterior and bicuspid regions. We still use the Wide Neck 4.8mm SP fixtures in the molar regions. We exclusively use the SLActive surface. The Straumann implants do help preserve crestal bone.

    We also use other systems in our office in an effort to accommodate the restorative preferences of our restorative colleagues. The NobelBiocare Replace and NobelActive fixtures are also used on a regular basis. The NobelReplace Tapered Groovy is a particular favorite due to the greater stability that can consistently be achieved on insertion. The TiUnite surface has also proven to provide strong, reliable osseointegration. The restorative procedures are also quite easy and versatile. The NobelActive fixture also provides superior initial stability. We have been using this fixture with greater frequency for our immediate placement following extraction and immediate provisionalization cases.

    Regarding a limit on the diameter of the narrow implants, I'll leave that up to the engineers. We certainly see implants of very narrow diameters, i.e. Imtec, being used to successfully support overdentures.
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