• thanks very much dr . Ravi FOR YOUR POST . DR. RAVI from this opinion you dont beleve with damon system (light force )

    that can treat sever crowded case without extraction ,even if itis of skeletal base and that system say they can treat some surgical cases without surgery and they put fixed retainer for ever.what is your opinon with low friction light force technique and itis great work does it true? and if itis true whey they use fixed retainer for ever?thanks

  • i do not believe in functional orthopedics as there is a greater relapse tendency and the question of skeletal change is moot. the changes that do occur in functional appliance is more in the nature of dentoalveolar than skeletal and this change is what we produce with phase II treatment with fixed orthodontics appliances. so is there a need to go for 2 phase treatment when a direct phase II treatment with fixed appliance will produce the same result??? my best experience has been with Class III cases with maxillary protraction with face mask. In such cases I would go for protraction with or without RME at an early age and then go for fixed appliance correction if warranted.
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