Visit ClearCorrect Booth # 2654 at AAO

ClearCorrect Makes its Exhibitor Debut and Presents its Invisible Aligner Alternative During American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session


Orthodontists Who Register as ClearCorrect Providers During the AAO Session

Will Receive Discounts on Workshop, Webinar, and Case Materials

Houston, TX – April 27, 2010 ClearCorrect, Inc., the clear alternative in advanced and affordable transparent orthodontic aligners, otherwise known as invisible braces, is making its exhibitor debut at the American Association of Orthodontists110th Annual Session in Washington, DC, May 1-4. The company will be presenting its clear aligner system at booth # 2654.


According to ClearCorrect founder and prominent cosmetic dentist Dr. Willis Pumphrey, "We’re very excited to be introducing theClearCorrect transparent aligner system to
members of the orthodontist community who may be
looking for an affordable, clear alternative to braces without having to meet manufacturer-imposed annual CE requirements.”

While at the AAO Session, ClearCorrectwill be running a special promotion whereby orthodontists who register tobecome ClearCorrect providers can attend a full-day, CE-accredited workshop normally priced at $995.00 for the reduced fee of $895.00. In addition, all workshopattendees will receive 50% off one ClearCorrect caseof their choice.  


For newly-registered ClearCorrect providers unable to attend the hands-on workshop, training webinars may be a more convenient option. The regular webinar fee is $995.00, but has been reduced for AAO Session attendees to $895.00. What’s more, webinar participants

will receive 50% off 2 ClearCorrect cases of their choice.


For updated workshop and webinar information, schedules, and registration, please call 1-888-331-3323, or visit

“We want to make sure that orthodontists who register with ClearCorrect during the AAO Session are well trained and fully equipped to providetheir patients with the most advanced and affordable clear braces available,” explained Dr. Pumphrey. “We hope that the live workshop and the webinar will accommodate as many of our new ClearCorrect providers as possible. We will schedule additional workshops and webinars if the demand warrants it.”

In the past year, thousands of dentists have made the invisible aligner switch to ClearCorrect. The reasons for making the switch include the following:

  • ClearCorrect was founded to make clear aligner therapy more affordable.
  • Lab fees are about 40% less than the competition.
  • Never had nor will have doctor proficiency requirements.
  • Doctors have increased control of patient treatment outcomes, as ClearCorrect aligners are delivered in phases (4 steps of treatment). This provides doctors the ability to make corrections as needed, without the additional cost to customize the results.
  • The ClearCorrect aligner system was developed by doctors for doctors. The company is focused on doctors’ needs and strives to continuously improve our service to our providers.
  • ClearCorrect does not charge an additional fee for mid-course corrections or refinements.
  • Doctors receive the plastic models for each set of aligners so that they can fabricate replacement aligners in-house if needed, such as if the patient loses them.
  • Excellent customer service provided from Houston, Texas headquarters.
  • All ClearCorrect treatment products include retainers at no extra charge.
  • All products have compliance checkpoints or compliance indicators to ensure optimum results.

ClearCorrect’s exponential growth continues to be fueled by its focus on educating the profession, rather than the consumer, in an effort to build relationships with orthodontists and general dentists, who will in turn recommend the clinical and financial advantages of ClearCorrect to their patients. For more information on becoming a ClearCorrect provider,

About ClearCorrect, Inc.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ClearCorrect was founded by dentists to serve the dental and orthodontic professions by providing an effective and more affordable clear aligner system. The high-tech ClearCorrect treatment delivery system and corresponding aligner products are based on years of research and clinical experience. Cutting-edge
technological advances and advanced treatment expertise, coupled with comprehensive marketing and sales support, make ClearCorrect the affordable clear aligner option for informed dentists and patients. The company’s modern, needs-based approach for serving doctors and patients is earning it a leadership position within the dental industry. For information about ClearCorrect, the company and its p
roducts, please visit or call 1-888-331-3323.


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