• HI Coby,
    Thanks for your participation and response. Giovanni and I have similar experiences to you. We also believe that autogenous grafting is the "gold standard". At some point, we would be curious to discuss this further. Perhaps the perio meeting in Boston?
  • Hi Cary,

    I am not sure i remember you from BU but your face and name are so familier to me. Are you also a BU guy??
    I have seen your very nice website with giovanni.
    About Alloderm: I have a very limited experience with that. But with the ones i used my results for root coverage are not as good as with autogenous. We have to fully cover the allo with the flap and eventually in my cases i end up with less of keratinezed tissue than with auto...In fact by best results, long term, are with fgg...
    Its a long discussion anyway...

    Best regards

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