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  • Hi Bob,
    Welcome to WebDental. It is very nice to have you as a member. You have been providing with all your knowledge and experience in dental technology, especially with the great work you do to technicians and dentists in Massachusetts and in the whole Country. It is great to count on you to learn and get more involve in technology, especially for new generations that are getting not enough information in technical work to provide and serve better to our patients in today's Lab. work. We need to know and be able to evaluate dental materials, their technical and clinical behaviors prior to insert them in our patients. I also think that having you as a member, we will have the opportunity to communicate and get a better advise that the one from the dental manufacturers to be able to use certain ( CAD-CAM ) technologies and materials that are more accurate, be more productive and predictable as clinicians.
    I just read your comments about the different scanners and materials you have worked and used in your Lab. and with the information you got in the Midwinter in Chicago.
    You as a Master Dental Technician has been doing an excellent technical work and also providing nice tech. support with the right information to the dental professionals; good enough from a lot available and very confusing out in the market.
    I wished at the time I was at your Lab as an employed would had shared and learned more from you.
    Thank you and welcome again to the WebDental,

    Gustavo Perdomo, D.M.D.
  • Hello Bob,
    Welcome! Please join some groups and invite your dental friends and colleagues to become members. We look forward to your participation!
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