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  • Hello Danny,

    In response to your question, membership in WebDental was extended to you as a courtesy following a check of your qualifications based upon other information that was submitted at the time of your request. A private message was sent back to you (which, hopefully, you read) which included the following "Terms can be found as a sub link under the "Members" tab at the top of all WebDental pages." All activity on WebDental is regularly monitored to help maintain the professionalism of the site.

    It is necessary for you to accept the terms for continued WebDental membership. You may modify your profile with the top right "Settings" Tab. We appreciate your desire to become a member of the WebDental community. However, if you choose not to accept the Terms, your membership will be suspended.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your active and productive participation on WebDental!

    The WebDental Support Team
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