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  • Hi Doc, we came up with a neat idea to drive patient traffic to the dental office with an Online Booking System. We need some real beta testers, who better to test it other than the dentists users themselves. Let me know what you think of the idea. It is just beta set up so nothing is concrete until we get feedbacks from actual users. Please make suggestions from the practical of the booking procedures. What are the features that you like to have in place so that a patient from your area actually get booked into your dental office. Through the surveys, we are going to tailor make the features to suit your requirements. For this weekend, if you have some time, please check it out at Thanking you in advance. Beta testing starts Monday.
  • Ed,
    Please call me Monday to discuss your SynCone questions.
  • thank you Ed. Together with the details i got from Nick Manzoli i think i will have a good start with the Macbook pro.
  • Ed,

    Concerning Windows on the Mac, I've had pretty good luck with XP on a MacPro under Parallels. Needs a little tweaking during setup and you should have lots of disk space and memory. I don't use it for any power apps - just for things where there is no Mac equivalent. I used to remote connect to one of my PCs to run those programs from the mac, but now use Parallels exclusively. Of course, older macs are out - intel only. I've had positive experiences and I don't know if you've tried Parallels or VMware (or Bootcamp) to run PC stuff, but as with all things computer related - your mileage may vary.
  • Hi Ed,
    Welcome. Please consider joining some of the groups, and invite your dental friends and colleagues to join. Great photo!
  • Hi Edward,

    Welcome to WebDental! Thanks for joining. I'm looking forward to you sharing some of your dentistry experience in the blogs and group discussion forums.

    I'm really liking the pink glasses too. Stylin'.

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