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  • Hi Doc, we came up with a neat idea to drive patient traffic to the dental office with an Real Time Online Booking System. We need some real beta testers, who better to test it other than the dentists users themselves. Let me know what you think of the idea. It is just a beta set up for now, so nothing is concrete yet until we get feedbacks from actual users. Please make suggestions from the practical side of the booking procedures. What are the features that you like to have in place so that a patient from your area actually get booked into your dental office. Through the surveys, we are going to tailor make the features to suit your requirements. For this weekend, if you have some time, please check it out at Beta testing starts on Monday. Thanks!
  • PS...OOOps I forgot to mention.......There are no insurance ties and the cost is one third the prescription cost! husband always says I forget about the savings which is that part that appeals to doc's.....I just give stuff out for free too much and love the products so I kinda forget the other side ..gotta work on that!!!
  • ..well evreyone now knows the benefits of Omega 3 and it's health for the gums is sometimes overlooked...but CoQ10 is for the health of every single cell too! Elixer is for overall circulatory health, alot of perio patients are baby boomers if not older to elderly therefore benefit from the organ specific products too such as Flexibility for joints........and even ProExtreme is good for getting protein in their diet.... Mass Appeal is good for muscle mass which decreases with age of course, and the same could be said about DHEA which we have as well.......But that's just to name what works in most offices geared toward their cliental..........:) I learn more and more though as we go!
  • Pleasant Hill is about an hour outside of San Francisco ! Love it here! I just finished talking to a few DDS's this evening, so I get really excited every time...even though it happens every week now...hahahah! I think just because my direction and enthusiasm has changed. I am so glad I could stay in the health care/patient based world but still branch out. I actually walked by a perio office because I thought maybe Wellness might not appeal AS MUCH to him ?? The gum health products would be beneficial indeed, but other than that...maybe the baby boomer patients would benefit ?! What do you think!? All advice is welcome! Or of course if you need me to explain further !haha!

  • Hi Marty,
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    Hope you are well
  • Hey Martyn, Welcome to WebDental! I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your experiences in Periodontia. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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