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July 28

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20+ years

About Me

Dr. Jeffrey Hoos opened his dental practice on November 5, 1979 on the second floor of 4949 Main Street. Dr. Hoos built his practice on a very simple philosophy. He believed that if he treated his patients as if they were members of his own family, he would be successful. He strove to provide the best possible care for every patient in a warm and caring environment. In 1987 Dr. Hoos was pleased to welcome Dr. Johna Zitnay to his practice. Dr. Zitnay and Dr. Hoos shared the same basic values concerning patient care. Dr. Zitnay was well known for her gentle touch, personalized care, and dedication to excellence. She brought her strong commitment to providing comprehensive care to all family members, with a true fondness for children. In 2000, Dr. Gemma Kwolek joined Drs. Hoos and Zitnay in their new state-of-the-art practice, which opened on the first floor of 4949 Main Street. Dr. Kwolek brought a warm and caring demeanor, along with her superb clinical skills. Drs. Hoos, Zitnay and Kwolek are able to offer their patients expanded hours to help meet the needs of busy families.

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