10 Things To Know About Invisalign

Crooked or misaligned teeth are a common dental problem. Though some people completely ignore this dental issue yet there is a large number of people that take resort to aligning their teeth by using braces. Braces have evolved over ages and the newest form is Invisalign or clear aligners. Invisalign is basically braces that are made of high grade plastic. It is an orthodontic device that is given to both kids and adults to ensure better effectiveness on crooked teeth. However, there are some known and unknown things about Invisalign that you need to be aware of.

  • Invisalign is not fixed


You can remove the clear aligners as they are not permanently attached to your teeth like teeth braces. This gives you the benefit of removing them whenever you feel any discomfort.


  • Wear the Invisalign for as long as possible


It is better if you do not remove the Invisalign frequently. Remember, that it has to be worn for shaping your teeth and so the longer you wear them, the better and more effective it will be. 



  • Remove the Invisalign while eating


One of the main problems of wearing an Invisalign is that you may be uncomfortable while eating. However, this is an initial problem that you will come to terms with within a couple of weeks. When eating you can simply remove the clear braces and then again put them back. It helps in keeping the Invisalign clean and no food particles from settling inside it.


  • Clean the Invisalign hassle-free


As you can remove the Invisalign, you can clean them easily too. Just take a clean toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste to brush the Invisalign well. You can even keep them dipped in lukewarm water for a short while and wear them back. This practice will give rise to good oral health and safeguard the Invisalign from getting dirty. Meanwhile, you can brush and floss your teeth well.


  • Take off the Invisalign before sleeping 


If you want to sleep peacefully, you can just remove the Invisalign. When you get into the habit of wearing them 24*7, you can keep them on even when sleeping. Since your hours of sleeping will be a minimum of seven hours, wearing the clear aligners during this duration will be highly impactful.


  • Invisalign prevents teeth grinding 


Many people unconsciously grind their teeth, when awake or sleeping. This evil habit erodes the enamel exposing the teeth to yellow and decay. Wearing an Invisalign prevents this habit of teeth grinding and the clear braces do not impact the teeth if the wearer is grinding the teeth in his/her sleep.


  • Invisalign does not alter the taste of the food


There is a huge misconception that wearing an Invisalign can alter the taste of the food. You should know that this is totally absurd. Getting the Invisalign from a reliable dentist and one that is made of the best quality plastic does not alter the taste of the food. Moreover, the top-grade clear braces do not create health hazards because they are completely toxin-free and have no smell or taste.


  • Adjust speaking initially while wearing Invisalign 


Wearing the clear aligners will cause a little speech problem. However, do not feel embarrassed because this will only take two to three days before you can speak flawlessly while wearing the Invisalign.


  • The results are most impactful than metal braces 


Metal braces are getting out of style because they are difficult to wear, look embarrassing and take a long time to settle the teeth. Whereas, the Invisalign is easy to wear, remains invisible and takes comparatively less time to show the desired results.


  • Invisalign protects and whitens your teeth 


The treatment of getting an Invisalign will vary from person to person and the cost too will differ but the fact that it will protect your teeth remains unaltered. The clear braces cover the teeth, protecting them from hard bites, sugary and acidic items, and staining.

All these points will surely resolve your queries and impress upon you the idea of getting the clear aligners. The results will be really great and you will save yourself the pain of biting your cheeks, speech problems, etc. that are caused due to crooked or misaligned teeth. So, get Invisalign and see the changes gradually.

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