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A smile makeover is a personalized service from an expert cosmetic dentist. The best cosmetic dentist in SoHo offers a wide variety of treatment options and keeps your smile makeover cost in line with your budget. More than that, your dentist first takes care of the underlying health of your teeth and gums. At your initial consultation, you and your dentist develop a treatment plan so you know what to expect and how the procedures will change your smile for the better. Look no further than Sohosmile for the best functional and cosmetic care.

The purpose of a smile makeover is to make you feel more comfortable and natural when you smile at the world. Putting your best look forward raises your self-esteem and provides you with greater opportunities, both personally and professionally. And if you want to improve your smile, you have to go to the most skilled dentist you can find.

While every cosmetic dentist offers a smile makeover, you should look for a dentist with extensive training in general dentistry and full mouth reconstruction, as well as cosmetic procedures. A dentist like Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile knows that the best-looking smile has its foundation in healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. John is willing to do more than just place veneers  on your teeth and call it a makeover. While he has expertise in making dental veneers, he offers a full range of options for making your smile its best, from teeth whitening to porcelain crowns.

Methods Used for Your Smile Makeover

If you’re looking for a higher standard of care, your SoHo cosmetic dentist has several procedures in his toolbox to make your smile makeover a lasting success. Depending on your goals and your needs, you may choose a simple procedure that can be done in an afternoon or a series of steps that may take months to complete. Your choices include:

Your smile makeover cost depends entirely on the procedure or number of procedures you and your dentist decide to do. Your cosmetic dentist makes the most of your smile while respecting your budget.

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Thumb Sucking - Oral Habits Series 1

Few of my friends have been asking about the different oral habits assosciated with children. As there is a wide array of oral habits we will discuss few in details .

• Today we are gonna discuss about Thumb sucking .

• Thumb sucking and finger sucking can more generally be termed as digital sucking .A broader category of sucking habits includes any form of non nutritive sucking that include pacifiers ,hairs etc.

• Thumb Sucking can be a Normal or Abnormal , Psychological or Habitual .

• Normal Thumb sucking habit is considered normal during the first and second year of life .As the child matures it will disapper as well .The habit at this age doesn’t produce any mal occlusion (mal occlusion means imperfect positioning of teeth when the jaws are closed )

• Abnormal : persists beyond the preschool period .It can cause deleterious effects to the dentofacial structures .

• Psychological : Have deep rooted emotional factor involved .Associated with insecurities ,neglect or loneliness experienced by the child .

• Habitual : Doesn’t have a psychological backing .This is a cause for concern due to its potential to cause mal occlusion .

There is a term that needs to be addressed along with this topic .
• The process of sucking is a reflex occurring in the oral stage of development and is seen even at 29 weeks of i.u and may disappear during normal growth between the ages of 1 and 3 ½ years.
There has been several theories trying to explain the psychology behind thumbsucking viz Classical Freudian theory ,The learning theory by Davidson ,Oral Drive theory by Sears and wise ,Johnson and Larson etc .
So we will jump directly to the commonly observed Clinical problems .
1. Maxillary Anterior proclination and Mandibular Anterior retroclination : 
• Maxillary means Upper jaw , Anterior means the front teeth and proclination is teeth being inclined forward .
• Mandibular means lower jaw ,Anterios means the fron teeth and retroclination means tooth being pushed backwards toward tongue
2. The Anterior open bite : 
• There will be a space between upper and lower front teeth and no contact will be there 
3. Constriction of Maxillary arch : 
Due to the placement of thumb between the teeth ,the tongue must be lowered ,the cheek pressure against the teeth is increased which causes the upper jaw arch to become V shaped .
4. Posterior cross bite :
Posterior tooth means Back side tooth . Crossbite is lateral mis alignment of dental arches .

How do we prevent ?
1. Motive based Approach – find the cause ! 
2. Child’s engagement in various activities 
3. Parent’s Involvement in prevention – advised to spend ample time with the child so that child doesn’t feel insecure .Soothing music and bed time stories are also effective .
4. Duration of Breast feeding – Should be adequate to enable the child to exhaust his sucking urge .
5. Mothers Presence and attention during bottle feeding .
6. Use of a psychological nipple 
7. Use of a dummy or pacifier

1. Psychological therapy: 
• Screen the patient for the underlying psychological disturbances that sustain a thumb sucking habit.
• Once the psychological dependence is suspected, child is referred to professionals for counselling 
• Thumb sucking children between the ages of 4 and 8 years of age need only reassurance ,positive enforcement and friendy reminders.
2. Reminder Therapy 
i. Extra oral approaches : It employs Hot tasting ,bitter flavoured preparations or distasteful agents applied to finger or thumbs eg : Cayene pepper ,quinine ,asafoetida – effective only when habit is not firmly entrenched . Thermoplastic thumb post is another method .6 weeks of treat ment time is must 
ii. Intraoral approaches – Various orthodontic appliances – Removable appliances like Palatal crib ,rakes ,arch ,lingual spurs ,Hawleys retainer with and without spurs . Fixed ones such as Upper lingual tongue screens .
3. Mechano therapy : Fixed Intra oral and thumb sucking appliance 
4. Blue grass appliance and Quad helix .

Recent advances include Thumbsucking Silicone thumb sucking stop Guard protector ,electronic habit reminder (extra oral )

Ref :
1. Shobha Tandon ,Text book of pedodontics 

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Taking optimum care of your oral health is a lot more important than you might have thought, and for which, choosing the right dentist is even more crucial! As a matter of fact, choosing the right dentist is almost as important as choosing a life partner, in a way that a wrong decision can doom you for the rest of your life. No one wants to experience the embarrassment of skipping out on the plan of having ice cream with their friends just because it hurts their teeth. Bleeding gums or misaligned teeth can literally ruin your entire self-confidence, and don’t even get us started with the bad breath! As such, your oral hygiene has effects which penetrate your self-esteem and more broadly, your overall personality. Therefore, in an attempt to prevent you from ending up like a Gollum (teeth wise), we, at “The Smile Institute”, have compiled the top seven crucial things you need to know before choosing your dentist.

1) Qualification and Experience

First and foremost, probably the most crucial aspect is the experience and qualifications of your chosen dentist. Make sure to clear your doubts and carefully assess whether the dentist is even equipped to practice their profession. Nobody appreciates a job done in an amateur manner–let alone the one that can significantly impact your physical appearance and self-esteem.

2) Cost vs. Quality

The cost of dental services and corresponding quality of dental skills and materials in use at the dental practice fluctuates heavily between dentists. It would be a wise decision to get a few estimates beforehand and do some research to see that you are getting a good combination of cost and quality. After all, we all know that it is not possible to get a really good quality of anything for a very low price. Quality does not come cheap. However, it does not mean that you must select the most expensive dentist to get good quality.

3) Personality of the Dentist and Atmosphere at the Dental Practice

This is the time to put your FBI equivalent stalking skills to use. Go to their website, read reviews, ask around in groups, look at the photos and videos of what the dental practice looks like inside. Know your dentist because the only gap acceptable is the one between your teeth, not in the communication between you and your dentist! Ensure your dentist is friendly and cooperative, and make sure that they listen to your concerns.

4) What your Dentist Specializes In

Every dentist offers the basics but makes sure your dentist knows how to perform the specialized procedures, such as orthodontics, dental implants, complex cosmetic procedures and others, so you don’t have to face a referral to an unknown dentist at the eleventh hour. Bouncing from person to person results in an awkward final look that looks far from natural. 

5) Accessibility and Location of your Dentist’s Clinic

The nearer the dentist the better. More advanced dental procedures usually require a follow-up. Dental emergencies can pop up anytime. And in general, the less time you spend getting to the dental office, the more regular you will visit your dentist and the healthier you will be!

6) Whether your Dentist has the Latest Equipment

Up-to-date technologies and equipment is a must if you want to ensure smooth procedures! Make sure your dentist has invested in current and advanced technologies to ensure better and more accurate results. Usage of advanced technology makes the processes go smoother, enhancing patient experience and guarantees preventative treatment is taking place.

7) Flexibility and Respect for your Time

Last but not least, flexible schedules and respect for your time. Life often tends to get busy and things don’t always go as planned. Make sure your doctor is well aware of that. An understanding dentist that can squeeze you in last minute or doesn’t mind rescheduling your appointments for another time is definitely a must!

There’s a lot more to consider when choosing a new dentist, but don’t let this overwhelm you! Hopefully, these tips will help you identify the right one because choosing a dentist is similar to any other important life decision. It requires research and determination, so do your part and leave the rest in the hands of the professionals!

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When a tooth is lost, many people consider dental implants as a tooth replacement option because the space left in their mouth isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Who wants to walk around looking like they just lost a boxing match, right?


Aside from a person’s physical appearance, however, getting a tooth replaced is also very important to your oral health, and lacking a tooth can escalate into bigger problems than you could have anticipated the longer you wait.

Why Replace aMissing Tooth?

Teeth serve many purposes when it comes to the strength and functionality of your mouth. After all, teeth weren’t just put in your mouth for decoration. Teeth help you bite and chew your food, and they need to remain strong and intact to do that.

Now, if you’re thinking “It’s not like I can’t chew with one tooth gone,” you may want to rethink. Teeth also help keep your jawbone strong and prevent bone deterioration. If a tooth is lost and not replaced, the jawbone begins to weaken and deteriorate because of the stimulus and pressure of chewing keep the jawbone functioning and healthy. If there is no stimulus or pressure in a portion of the jaw because a tooth is missing, that area will weaken and, if left alone, lose function and lead to bone loss.

Having a missing tooth is like having a house with a broken foundation... if one part is missing the whole thing could very well collapse. With dental implants, you’re replacing the missing part of the foundation, keeping the jawbone strong and functional.

Of course, having all your teeth makes your smile look beautiful! An unsightly gap in your mouth may lead to you feeling self-conscious, making you hide your smile in family reunion photos or at your child’s birthday party. Dental implants can cure these confidence issues! With dental implants, you’ll not only be able to flash a dazzling smile to your friends and family, but eat, drink, smile, laugh, and be yourself without worrying about the tooth gap. Your social life and career prospects are saved!

The Dental Implant Procedure

Although replacing a missing tooth is a serious matter, the two-part procedure is pretty straight-forward.

In the first part of the procedure, a bone graft may be made if you’ve already experienced bone loss in the jawbone due to the missing tooth. A bone graft is when the dentist takes a little bit of healthy bone from one part of the jaw to replace what was lost in the damaged area. But don’t worry! This is typically done under oral sedation or general anaesthesia, so you won’t feel any discomfort. Once sufficient bone is available to accommodate the dental implant, the dentist installs a titanium screw in the jawbone. Part one of the procedure is complete!

Once your dental implant surgery is complete, you may receive a temporary crown to put on the implant that same day. If a bone graft was necessary, the jawbone may not be ready to bear the load of chewing right away and you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the surgical site to heal. During that time, the dental implant fuses to the jawbone to create a strong foundation for the implant crown.

When your dentist is satisfied that your dental implant is strong enough to withstand everyday chewing function, a permanent crown will be placed on top of your implant. Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy your new smile!

Strong, Stronger, Dental Implant

If you’re beginning to think replacing your missing tooth is more necessary than you initially thought, then you are right. Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement, with many benefits for the appearance, functionality, and health of your smile. If you feel like dental implants are the right solution for you, talk to your trusted dental implant dentist and get your smile back!

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Dental Implants Are The Best Choice To Fulfil The Necessity Of The Missing Teeth. A good dental implants in Ahmedabad offers comfort also stability and, by virtue of the synthetic tooth, it is good to support the restoration of the mouth.

The Factory- made “Anchors” usually known as the dental implants. Now, What Is The Anchor Means? The cylinders or screws like a shaped thing that is indulged in the missing teeth place called anchor of the dental implants. They’re artificial replacements for natural tooth roots. Considering the dental Implants, they are utilized in higher and lower jaws and also manufactured from the metallic element and alternative materials that are well-suited to the form. 

Something unique that the implants mostly attach to the jawbone and gum tissue. To make the stable base for one or additional custom artificial replacement teeth, referred to as dental crowns.

As you know, Dental implants are used for several years, and every age of the patients can choose all type of dental implants. From single tooth to the multiple teeth you can get the partial as well as full support.  It is no surprise that the crown facilitates still the best dentist Ahmedabad suggests the dental implant with the full denture.  If the dentist is good then they assist fill out a face that otherwise might look sunken due to missing teeth. The main thing is - No Adhesive RequiredFor The Dental Implant.

Care Of Implants,

The dentists mustn't ignore the role of implant medical care to support the oral health and rehabilitation of the people with the alternative options of the medically compromised patients. The patient, have to be compelled to weigh the inherent benefits and prices of implant medical care.

Tooth replacement will vary from single-tooth replacement with typical or implant with individual implants supported overdentures. So with the different type of choices including the replacement, you can consider the different type of the benefits. But, the comprehensive care with the proper diagnosis for the dental implants in Ahmedabad is a must.  To maintain the inevitable aesthetic with the purposeful outcomes of care depend upon treatment designing.

In general, you want to eliminate the surgical risks of the dental implants then this is just to take good treatment from the best dentist Ahmedabad, the patient should have knowledge about the oral surgical procedure. As a part of a careful consent method, the dentist can consider this with the patient with the family and correct assessment can give the procedure with the perfect tooth replacement.

Ending Lines,

To remodeling of the mouth is good, and this can be the best option for the mouth rehabilitation if you consider the dental implants with the power of the bone of the jaw. This is made with the metal but as s good purpose you can self-address this and with the relevancy, you can get the implant outcomes as well.  So, with the implant interfaces that can be maintained with the modification. As a priority, you can consider this with the modification.


Article Source: Dental Implants - A Great Treatment to Replace the Missing Teeth

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How do Dental Implants Function?

The smile that is built on the platform of a dental implant in Ahmedabad, which is artificial teeth that are placed securely in the jaw. Best dentist Ahmedabad is experts in their field; as a result, they have received extensive training beyond the best technologies for combating periodontal disease.

Most of the patients run to the emergency platform for requiring an implant for cosmetic or another purpose will need to see a dental problem for the procedure. Where teeth have, 'it's a tremendous impact on appliances and consequently, on the confidence level. Many people are suffering from missing teeth, which looks older than their actual age.      

The correct address to the problem- missing teeth

On the current platform of technology and science, many advanced treatment options are available to address the issue of missing teeth. Dentures were the primary treatment option; if only the problem leads to having teeth are missing, a removable partial denture may be used. A completely toothless patient, a complete denture may use both the partial dentures and full dentures are removals.

  • The benefits of dental implants in Ahmedabad is affixed artificial teeth to the jaw, can create an amazing to the way to look and feel.
  • The bones that are surrounds the teeth need to be stimulated to maintain their shape and density. The most obvious reason to get implants, to ensure can eat, after tooth loss through injury or natural causes.
  • After the loss of a tooth, the decrease in stimulation causes the bone to decrease in height and width. Dental implants are the best ways to prevent any problem from occurring.
  • The treatment of implantation is used to make the connection build between the teeth as the jawbone's shape get support to the other many factors such as cheeks, gums, and lips too.

Match the bone structure to the correct style

The best dentist Ahmedabad work on to the platform of medical and dental technologies, implant techniques are advancing at a rapid pace. A number of candidates for dental implants must have a good quality bone in the jaw. Make the use of titanium into a jaw bone that is dense enough to support it often result in implant because of its bond correctly with the muzzle. When the jawbone is too narrow, a plate form is the most effective method to use. The design is different as to ensure to get a long-lasting replacement that keeps looking the best. The dental professional will match the bone structure in the right style.

Some words to read as a summary:

To restore the smile instantly; dental implant in Ahmedabad make the use of shaped similar to original teeth with a tooth-like shape on the top and screw like from that attaches it to the bone.  These are best for suitable bone structures that are wide and deep. Best dentist Ahmedabad performs an oral care professional then need to attach the tooth portion to connect it to the post.

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There are many people have the missing teeth-  may they have applied for the dental implants in Ahmedabad. For many folks, dental implants are a semipermanent, fuss-free means of substitution missing teeth, but it is more than that and It is good to get the treatment from a good dentist in Ahmedabad.  

Most Of The Adults Are Concern About The Smart General Health And With Healthy Gums Are Able To Replace Missing Teeth Mistreatment Dental Implants.

As per the study, It is said thatDental Implants Became The Highest-Quality And Healthiest Technique Of Substitution Broken, Missing Or Lost Teeth.”

So, it is not easy to make it out. Dental implants are usually utilized in clinical things for replacement of natural teeth. And their many dentists use the different type of the materials as well as techniques for the implant style as well as these are the factor will become causes for the failure.


Despite several advances failure may be a vital concern for the tooth doctor as well as the patient. There are 2 main factors for implant   failure:

  1. lack of Osseointegration
  2. Peri-implantitis

Occlusal overloading and medical standing of the patient, smoking, and implant characteristics are among the opposite causes of implant failure. The aim of this crisp review is to debate the aetiology of implant failures by highlight the varied classification place forth by completely different authors and formulating a brand new classification.

Although implant failure is kind of rare, if you go at the expert of the dental implants in Ahmedabad then may don’t face the failure of the dental implant surgery.  But, still, it is vital to grasp that implant failure isn't the results of the body rejecting the implant before you go for the implants.

What Makes Dental Implants Fail?

Dental implant failures will occur for numerous reasons and on several levels. If you consider the short term failures then you can consider the- Osseointegration as we already discussed.  This sort of failure is often related to general factors, like smoking, uncontrolled polygenic disorder. These short-run failures will typically be treated by removing the implant, repairing the surgical website with a bone graft and permitting it to heal before making an attempt to position another fixture. Another one is  Peri-implantitis.


The Following Are The Common Causes Of Implant Failure:

  • Peri-Implantitis – This is an important point to be discussed, and- an infection that forms around the implant and within the gums. This infection is commonly the results of poor dental hygiene following implant surgery. This is inflicting more bone loss and implant failure.
  • Nerve Of Tissue Harm – if you find the brink of the nerve after the implant surgery by any dentist in Ahmedabad then patients could expertise chronic pain, or tingling, symptom in their tongue, gums, cheek, chin, or lips.

The nerve harm may well be either temporary or permanent and also the implant may have to be removed.

Final Thought,

There are many completely different potentialities which will cause dental implant failure,  but as we show you they are most common signs you can consider. The discomfort and chronic pain can give the signs whether your implants fail or not!

Author source: Dental Implant Failure- Common Causes Are Disclosed

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How Laser Dentistry Work and Their Advantage

In the science of dental field, there are various types of the disease occur like cavities, tooth erosion, tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, oral cancer, tooth sensitivity, and toothaches. So for the different problems then treatments also different. There are various treatment procedures like braces, dentures, root canals, veneers, gum surgery, teeth whitening, bridges and implants, crowns and caps, sealants, extractions, filling and repairs or examination of Oral cancer. The cost of these treatments also varies with different diseases.

There are one of the best techniques used in dental science is a laser technique. According to the laser, technique exerts to the desired clinical effect on a target tissue of the patient. This process called absorption. The function of the laser process by producing waves of photons as per the specific wavelength of the laser. The dental lasers may be divided into basic three categories. Which named are as soft tissue laser, hard tissue laser, and non-surgical laser device. In dentistry the uses of laser for the treatment of hard tissue, soft tissue surgery, bone surgery, treatment of root canal, periodontics and many other problems. As per the list of treatment of laser in India, there are many best dental clinics in India to provide the best laser treatment.

  • In the treatment of hard tissue through laser technique the removal of cavities. The surface of hard tissue etching and rough. And laser is also used in the treatment of hard tissue excavation of pits, enameloplasty, and fissures for placement of sealants.

  • Laser technique used in the born surgery for the shaving, contouring, cutting, and resection of oral osseous of tissues. And also for the recontouring of osseous and osteoplasty, for ostectomy and for the purpose of lengthening of the osseous crown. And the advantage in bone surgery all the process can be completed without laying any suturing, flap and damage to the bone.

  • During the treatment of soft tissue by using laser technology for the exposure of unerupted teeth, frenectomy, flap preparation hemostasis, gingival troughing for crown impressions, gingivoplasty, vestibuloplasty, gongivectomy. Even also treatment of canker sores, aphthous and herpetic ulcers of the oral leukoplakia or mucosa.

  • Advantages in soft tissue treatment by laser capability to treat soft tissue with no bleeding, small edema, and post-operative results are positive.

  • During the root canal treatment with the preparation of including enlargement. And also for pulpotomy or apicoectomy which is defined as the amputation to the end of the root.

  • In the periodontology treatment soft tissue by laser curettage to the post-extraction on the tooth sockets and area of the periapical during the surgery of apical. And inflamed soft tissue in the pocket periodontal format which is known as a sulcular debridement.

  • The laser technique also used in the teeth bleaching, composite curing of laser, in the optical impression or in the diagnostic for detection of calculus and detection.

  • Even the laser technology used in dental science for the controlling of occurring in any infection. There is a list of some points of infection: -

  • Awareness of the possibility of contamination during treatment of all laser hardware like sensor protector sheaths, the cover of a syringe or any transparent equipment.

  • Disposable tips are used in the operation must be disposed of in the containers with the cleaved fiber pieces.

  • Any debris which is used during the treatment should be disposed to effective sterilization.

  • And the specific laser equipment or any reusable fibers or tips should be sterilized with heat as well as their handpieces and not wiped at the high-level disinfectant.

When the laser techniques use therefore there are some disadvantages also happens like: -

Due to using of technique the particles of lasers are harmful to skin and other tissue which or not target like oral tissue.

The temperature is used above 37ºC is to destroy the cellular enzymes and destruction of proteins

If anyone wants to take the treatment of laser technique. He will be visited a clove dental hospital. This hospital provides the best services for any dental problems. The cost of any treatment is very reasonable and done by experienced dentists. It has various branches of this hospital Delhi/NCR, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Karnataka.

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Having a cracked tooth may not seem like a big deal especially if it is not causing any pain. But it is not the case usually. Dr Krinita Motwani who is amongst the top 10 dentists in Mumbai suggest otherwise. It wont be long before cracked tooth starts giving you a problem as bacteria will slowly seep into it and will develop into a decay or infection.

Most of the times, teeth crack if they are weak, heavily filled , badly decayed or if you clench or grind your teeth as well. Cracked teeth are usually pain-free but are sensitive to cold and they also cause pain during chewing .These are a few symptoms you might experience but a cracked tooth may also cause such excruciating pain that you might need an emergency extraction.

Why do teeth crack?

Extreme teeth grinding or clenching at night causes more stress than usual resulting in a cracked tooth or multiple teeth

Under-contoured or over done fillings exert pressure on the walls of the teeth causing them to crack

Chewing on pencils, ice, hard food stuffs or opening cans with teeth are definitely a reason for your teeth to crack.

If there is presence of gum diseases, there are chances of tooth root to fracture.

Abrupt changes in temperature in the mouth for eg eating something hot and then trying to cool your mouth with ice water

With age most teeth cracks occur in people over 50 years.

Dr Krinita Motwani who is an experienced dentist in khar shares with us that diagnosing a cracked tooth maybe tricky. X rays may or may not be able to reveal cracked teeth. Your dentist will make an X ray or try to examine the tooth with a probe. A cracked tooth may also have swollen gums around it. Also during chewing you may feel pain when you release your bite

How do you treat a cracked tooth?

Usually a tooth can crack in many ways. It can range from a tiny mm upto the crown and may extend till the root. Cracked teeth can be managed by filling, root canals or by using a splint to hold it in place. If the damage is unmanageable then the tooth needs to be extracted.

At Dr Krinita Motwani’s dental clinic, our team assists you with the same with the best possible treatment and also making your appointment as pain-free as possible.

Contact details are as follows

Dr. Krinita Motwani

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343.                                


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Braces aren’t just for kids anymore. In the past, adults choose to live with crooked teeth rather than be seen with a mouth full of metal, announcing to the world that they’re straightening their teeth. Now, with the advent of clear braces and the superior results they can achieve, you can get straight teeth, no matter how old you are — and no one need be the wiser. Only you and your dentist know for sure.


Visit a cosmetic dentist in the Albany area, and you can have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. But consider that an adult may need up to two years of braces to achieve the results you want. You probably don’t want to wear highly visible metal braces or straighteners for that length of time, even though they’ll do the job.

Orthodontics clear braces in Albany, NY

Clear braces, also called invisible braces, give you options if you want to straighten your teeth without letting everyone notice. There’s nothing wrong with wearing visible braces, but invisible braces for teeth help you look your best surreptitiously while undergoing a smile makeover or just a teeth straightening procedure.

As always, consulting a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontic team you trust, like Albany County Dental Associates, is a great place to start. But with braces, it’s more about personal preference as well. Choosing a cosmetic dentist who’s also your family dentist gives you a head start because he knows you.

Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces

Regarding the question of clear braces vs. metal braces, your choice depends on what you want, your insurance coverage and your available budget. No matter which way you go, however, it’s vital that you maintain good daily oral hygiene and keep you bi-annual cleaning appointments! Pros and cons for clear braces vs. metal braces include:

  • Traditional metal braces are typically less expensive.
  • Clear ceramic braces or clear bracket braces work like metal braces, but they’re made of ceramic or plastic material, which allows them to be clear and nearly invisible.
  • Generally, metal braces are more durable. They can take more pressure, they can straighten your teeth faster.
  • Clear bracket braces are more brittle than metal braces and may break more easily.
  • Metal braces don’t require as much careful cleaning as clear bracket braces.
  • Clear ceramic braces can be just as effective as metal braces, even if they take a little bit longer and need more attention.
  • Of course, invisible braces are a lot less noticeable.

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Albany Dental
4 Normanskill Blvd #401,
Delmar, NY 12054
+1 (518) 261-4800

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What Is All On 4 Dental Implants?

All On 4 Implants is a dental treatment that gives you a full set of teeth, anchored in four points in your mouth. The implants are long-lasting and eliminate the hassle of multiple dental procedures, and have far fewer complications than other dental treatments such as false teeth.

To put it simply, a dental implant is where a screw, usually made of titanium, is placed into your jawbone that acts as the base or the root for a tooth that has been extracted. On to this, a false tooth or teeth are screwed on.

Dental implants, in general, are popular because:

  • They come as close to the performance of natural tooth as possible
  • The recovery time compared to a regular denture placement is faster and you will be functioning soon after the procedure
  • They make for a comfortable fit in your mouth
  • They have a long life span with the right care
  • Implants have a high success rate compared to similar forms of treatment
  • They allow you to eat everything you like (even steak)
  • They look great

Why are they a good option?

A dental implant may be a good idea for a missing tooth or two. But if you are missing more and full dentures are needed, then AO4 may be the right solution for you. An AO4 builds on the concept of an implant. Instead of having a screw for each tooth, it makes use of just four implants on your top and bottom jaw each. With these acting as an anchor, the full dentures are attached.

How much will AO4 cost?

With any such procedure, cost plays an important factor. There is no doubt that AO4 is an expensive procedure, costing as much as $40,000. This makes it essential to look into what your insurance covers. Factors that impact the cost also include how many teeth you need to be done in the procedure. The material used for the teeth makes a difference to the pricing as well. The standard acrylic dentures built on a titanium base can cost up to $30,000. Dentures constructed from porcelain, while realistic looking, can add up to $5000 per jaw, taking the final price up to $35,000.

What can you expect during the AO4 procedure?

Dental procedures can be a scary prospect, irrespective of how simple or complicated the procedure is. Before the AO4 procedure, your dentist will ensure that you are comfortable, all your queries are answered and that you have been made comfortably numb with local or general anesthesia.

The next step is preparing your mouth for implants. This removes all weak, diseased, infected or failing teeth, and clearing out all problematic tissues in your jaws and gums. This is followed by the implantation of titanium screws. On each jaw, you will have two screws towards the front and two towards the back to serve as anchors. These carry the load of the denture which is placed on them.

Once fitted with the denture, all incisions made for extractions and for the implants will be cleaned and sutured and you will be taken to the recovery room. Here you can rest and recover from the anesthesia.

What can you expect in the recovery period?

In recovery, soon after the procedure, gauze pads will be placed on all areas of your mouth that underwent surgery. You will be required to bite down on this to stem bleeding. Once the bleeding stops, usually after an hour, these gauze pads will be removed. In case the bleeding continues, you may have the pads changed every half hour to 45 minutes till it stops.

Post-surgical care once you are home involves taking it easy and not doing anything that can stress your mouth. Resting on a bed or your sofa for a few days post the surgery is important. You must not lift any heavy objects that could lead to bleeding or swelling. When getting up, from a prone position on the bed or from the sofa, do so gently. Sudden movements can make you light-headed. Avoid any exercise regimens you follow for at least 3-4 days post the surgery.

Caring for surgical areas involves not touching or disturbing any of the tender areas. You will be given a medicated mouth wash to ensure no infections arise and will have to clean your mouth with a gentle toothbrush that will be prescribed.


If you see a small bit of bleeding a few days after the surgery, saltwater rinses two to three times a day will be prescribed. Taking ample rest, managing pain and eating soft/ liquid foods will help you recover well.

Post-surgery complications
There are some things to expect following your operation:

  • Persistent bleeding can happen when the gauze pads are not placed correctly. This can be corrected if it repositioned. Ice packs, sitting straight and staying away from any physical activity helps.
  • Swelling usually comes down in three days. Using ice packs on and off for 20 minutes each helps reduce its
  • Pain cannot be avoided in surgery and you will be put on pain medication to manage the discomfort.
  • Nausea may be present and you may even throw up any blood that you may have swallowed accidentally. Carbonated drinks and plain crackers help ease nausea.
  • Sharp sensations in the mouth occur from the bony walls that used to support your teeth. You may even find small bones protruding from your gums. If this remains uncomfortable, speak with your dentist.
  • Dry lips are a natural occurrence from the gauze that you have in your mouth. Chapstick will help deal with this. A sore throat also occurs sometimes from the gauze as do stiff muscles from being in the same position for a long time.

All of these issues are easily resolved but if you find that you are uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact your dentist.

As with any medical procedure, there are risks that you should know about. There is a chance dental implants will not integrate with your bone and the implant will fail. This is a very rare occurrence. This can happen for various reasons, primarily that of your gums is very weak or the bone loss in your gums being really high. If it fails, your dentist will remove it, let your mouth heal and then put in a new implant.

This is the basics of AO4 implants. To ensure you get the safest all on 4 treatment speak to NSOMS

If you want more information or want to consider an AO4 treatment, contact us today.


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Maintain good oral health is good to have a beautiful smile. Most of the people think that brushing your teeth daily and regular flossing will give them teeth to stay healthy for a long time. But that is not enough when it comes to strong, healthy and long-lasting teeth. Get to best dentist Ahmedabad; to have regular dental checkups. It is necessary to walk in dental clinic Ahmedabad that provides routine and emergency dental care service to patients of all ages.

State of the art equipment

It is crucial for children to have regular dental checkups; through the best dentist, Ahmedabad that works in a walk-in clinic usually extend their duties to the patient's needs. A walk-in dental clinic Ahmedabad works with the state of art equipment and well-trained dentists. Move to the professional dental while examining and screening as to clearly understand the problem and come with a possible treatment and its solution.

  • An essential aspect for health and well-being teeth it needs to have dental hygiene and care. On the platform of a sharp tooth healthy, it becomes necessary to get a regular check-up from a first dental clinic to maintain it.

Provide the best dental service

There is the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad to offer dental services that need; there are certain things that should know to make a choice. Dental service- provides the dentist will fill the hole using a white composite material or a silver medal. This will allow the cavity to stop from growing.

  • It is providing the service of tooth extraction, which is suitable for decayed tooth or teeth that are not able to repair using available treatment or procedure. Maintain an excellent dental structure is important because overall natural health is mostly in good shape.

Most of the customers go for teeth whitening service at the dental clinic as it ensures that they have a competent team who can whiten the teeth without causing any unwanted pain. The treatment of teeth whitening can be done in the clinic and at home also.

  • It needs to be clean and hygienic with highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Make the use of well equipped with the latest machines and equipment. It is having all the right equipment at the time of treatment to make dental treatment successful.

Words to write as a summary:

Days where dental problems are more common that a situation arrived; most of the people need to visit a dental clinic. Dental clinic Ahmedabad an area where a specialist of dental care, diagnoses and treat the best to the patients with a dental problem. Best dentist Ahmedabad; able to offer the very best help to all patients. Providing optimum dental care and are adding comfort level with the quality and safety of their service. As there is most outstanding oral care and advance treatment modalities with the best tools and techniques of international standards.

Article source: Better dental plans for excellent dental care

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When you are searching for a best dentist appointment online, never ignore the truth that perfect oral health is not just about searching well. It's even very much regarding staying healthy. Thus, it is good that you take searching for a capable dentist just as sincerely as you would when searching for a full time dentist. There are a few important things that you can remember that can assist you finding the professional dentist that is best for you.


At the time you are searching for any health care service provider for the purpose of Dental Bridges Houston, one of the greatest places to begin is with the recommendations of family and friends. This can provide you a firsthand piece of suggestion that can give you with complete information from a person that really has knowledge with the service provider first hand. It is always one of the greatest methods to pick any type of health care service provider, through direct recommendations.

At the time you visit a dentist's clinic for the very first time, one of the greatest things to keep an eye out for is how perfectly clean the dental clinic is. Do not even be frightened to ask regarding what type of procedures they utilize for the purpose of sterilization. Confirming that the whole thing is perfectly sterile and clean is the key to staying perfect while at the dentist to get the treatment of Dental Bridges Near me.

One more wonderful thing to search for is how perfect the dentist fits into your way of life. For example, if travel is tough, are they situated close to your home? You must even look into what types of emergency care choices are available throughout the dental clinic, thus you know where to turn must you face a problem of dental emergency.

There are many people that do think to ask where the Best Local Dentist went to school, recognizing that education is an important in how talented a practitioner can be, but some overlook to follow up on this. You must even ask what type of efforts and measures the experienced dentist has in position for continuing education. Just same as all other important elements of health care, the field of dentistry is regularly evolving, and the most excellent dentists have to be actively taking all the important measures to confirm that they are up to date with the most recent standards for your care.

In case you keep these important tips in your mind, then you must have no problem searching an experienced dentist that is going to give you with utmost care that you are going to be very much happy with. Just you need to confirm to take some of your time to do your research earlier than you make a decision that you have found that dentist that is best for you. Today, if you want to get the services of a professional then you can ask from your friends or get suggestions from online resources.

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It’s time to smile again!!!

Do you have a cracked tooth that makes you conscious while smiling in public ?? Do you feel less confident about your smile???

Well, why have a broken smile??? Get your smile fixed today because it’s time to smile again!!!


Dr. Krinita Motwani is a dentist in Khar  and is  amongst the leading Cosmetic dentists in Mumbai suggests that a cracked, broken or chipped front tooth is the most common dental accident that can occur to anyone, anytime….


Reasons for cracked tooth…

  • Trauma from a bad fall.
  • Contact Sports.
  • Biting ice cubes or hard foods from front teeth.
  • Misuse of tooth, by using it to open bottle caps.
  • Clenching and grinding of teeth from a specific spot can cause chipping too.

But there is nothing to worry about…..  Advancements in Cosmetic dentistry have made it super easy to fix this problem …..

One of the best techniques for repairing chipped or broken tooth is Dental Bonding.



All about dental bonding –


Dental bonding repairs chipped/cracked teeth beautifully by matching up exactly to the natural tooth color and lasts for a long time too !


What will your dentist do???

  • Fractured teeth will be examined by your dentist.
  • Local Anesthesia may or may not be needed for this procedure.
  • Your Dentist will then roughen your tooth and apply a conditioning liquid on it.
  • Then tooth colored material is applied in very thin layers and shaped, molded and smoothened… until the desired shape is achieved.
  • Then a high powered light is used to harden the application.

Followed by polishing to get a smooth and lustrous shiny finish


Advantages of dental bonding…

  • No natural tooth reduction is needed.
  • Excellent aesthetic results, matches the natural tooth perfectly.
  • Long lasting result achieved in a single sitting.
  • Easy to maintain, brushing and flossing like natural teeth.

  Our contact details are as follows


Dr. Krinita Motwani

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343.




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It is essential to take care of your youngster's teeth from the minute they begin getting teeth. Keeping your kid's teeth and gums clean will ensure against disease, holes and torment. Rotted infant teeth can harm the perpetual teeth underneath. In the event that a youngster loses a tooth as a result of rot, it can cause swarming issues when their grown-up teeth come through later.

An expert pediatric dental specialist will give you master tips on the most proficient method to deal with your kid's teeth at home. Counsel ordinarily incorporates the best possible approach to floss and brush your youngster's teeth and extra data dependent on the particular state of your tyke's teeth.

Another subject that is ordinarily tended to is your youngster's dietary patterns and what guardians ought to do to help secure their kid's teeth and gums. As a general safety measure, guardians should avoid nourishments wealthy in sugar and starch. What's more, a kid ought to never rest while nursing or with a juice or milk in their container.

Your infant's essential teeth are significant. Formative stages that are basic to your kid's future dental wellbeing rely upon them. Dentistry for kids furnishes guardians with a guide for oral consideration so they will have superb dental cleanliness as they develop. Dental cleanliness should start when your kid is a child. Begin utilizing a delicate kid estimate toothbrush around the age of 1 or 2. You should brush your tyke's teeth with water at any rate two times every day. You likewise can include a little spot of toothpaste that doesn't have fluoride in it. This sort of toothpaste is ok for your tyke to swallow. When your youngster is mature enough to release the toothpaste, you can change to one that has fluoride. Just utilize a little sum. Show your tyke to spread it among their teeth, gums, and tongue.

Dental Care for children

Numerous children start getting teeth at around 3 months old, with the main teeth typically showing up at around 6 to 9 months. By the age of 1, an infant will as a rule have around 8 teeth. Be that as it may, babies create at various rates, so this can shift.

You should start cleaning your child's teeth when they arrive. Regardless, you can clean your infant's teeth by cleaning with a delicate fabric or brushing with a delicate toothbrush and water. From the age of year and a half, you can begin utilizing low-fluoride toothpaste when you brush your tyke's teeth.

You can purchase toothpaste and little headed toothbrushes particularly for infants or kids at your neighborhood drug store or grocery store. You should clean your infant or kid's teeth until they are mature enough to do it without anyone's help. This is normally around the age of 7 years.

It's significant for your youngster to get into a normal oral cleanliness routine to avert tooth rot. Children can be influenced by tooth rot when their first teeth arrive. The primary indications of rot frequently show up as white spots or lines on the front teeth.

Take your child to visit the Dental Specialist when their teeth start to show up with the goal that the dental specialist can check their teeth are creating as they should.

Child Dental Care Udaipur

There are numerous things you can do to help care for your tyke's child teeth. The following is a rundown of approaches to keep your kid's mouth solid.

  • Brush 2 times each day (morning and night) with fluoride toothpaste to avert pits- For babies, wipe the gums with a wet fabric or cushion to keep the mouth clean. For youngsters more youthful than age 3, utilize a measure of toothpaste that is the span of a grain of rice. For youngsters 3 years and more established, utilize a pea-sized measure of toothpaste. Help your youngster brush their teeth for 2 minutes until you feel beyond any doubt that your tyke will brush all sides of their teeth well.
  • Clean between their teeth every day once you see two teeth that touch- This disposes of nourishment among teeth and under the gums. Utilizing floss each day additionally prevents holes from shaping between teeth. Much the same as with brushing help your kid clean between their teeth until they can do it well individually.
  • Make ordinary visits to your kid's dental specialist- As soon you see your infant's first tooth – and no later than your kid's first birthday celebration – visit the dental specialist for a checkup. Your dental specialist can let you know whether your kid has plaque or holes, when to anticipate that the following infant teeth should come in, and how to take great consideration of your youngster's teeth. Likewise, a few states expect kids to have a dental test before they begin school or completion certain evaluation levels.
  • Watch your child’s diet- What your youngster eats and beverages can hurt their child teeth. A few beverages including organic product juice and soft drink can be high in sugar or corrosive. Breaking point sugary treats like treats, as well. Sugar and corrosive can make the external shell (veneer) of teeth powerless and put teeth at a higher hazard for depressions.
  • Ask your child’s dentist about sealants- A sealant is an extraordinary covering that goes into the sections and pits of your kid's molars (back teeth). Sealants secure against cavities on the gnawing surfaces of the teeth. On the off chance that your dental specialist feels your youngster is at high hazard for cavities, sealants might be put on your kid's back teeth.
  • Get some information about fluoride treatment- Fluoride is found in numerous open water sources and toothpastes, and shields teeth from pits. Your dental specialist may likewise prescribe fluoride varnish to give additional pit security. Applying fluoride varnish is brisk and easy. Your dental specialist will paint the fluoride treatment (a sticky varnish) on the top and sides of your youngster's teeth with a little brush to help avert cavities.

Mumbai Dental Clinic assure you to provide Best Dental Treatment in Udaipur, We have all the latest technologies. Dr. Siddharth Jain and Dr.Mahak Jain are highly qualified and renowned specialist dental surgeons. They routinely perform complicated surgical, esthetic and restorative procedures apart from the usual dental treatment.

Call us - +91-8107259893

Visit -

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Things To Know To Save Your Teeth

Bleeding gum while you are brushing is the clue that you have got gum problem. In case you have been scared by the prospect of blood as you brush your shiny whites, you are not alone. Gum Specialist Dentist removes that 90% of people have gum problem and one main reason for tooth loss.


Gum problem start with gums and teeth plaque deposits. Plaque is a mixture of food particles, bacteria, dead cells and saliva from your mouth. Bad oral cleanliness impacts in plaque increase. The contact of germs with food particles annoy your gums as well as cause the problem of inflammation. Your teeth and gums look reddish in its place of light pink. This phase is known by the name of gingivitis. As the illness of your gums grows, it intrudes on the soft tissues and ligaments that fasten your teeth. It is termed medically periodontitis. After that, you feel your teeth to be simply moveable.

High Risk People

A few people are at high risk mainly those feeling pain from certain problems. They are:

  • People that have a shortage of proper oral cleanliness
  • People with pathetic immune system like those on immuno-suppressive medicines.
  • Diabetics
  • Smokers
  • Menstruating, Pregnant and menopausal female


While bleeding throughout brushing is a frightening sign, most of the people are not away of other signs mainly in the starting stages. Thus, people do not seek specialist care from Gum Doctor Near Me at the earliest signs until it is very late.

Signs that you must be conscious of:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Your gums turn into reddish pink in its place of light pink.
  • Pus leaches out and you experience pain when your gums are pushed.
  • Pain at the time you chew something.
  • Your gums draw away.
  • Bad halitosis or breath
  • Your teeth slacken off. Then, drop out.
  • Breaches are noticeable in between your teeth.
  • Food simply gets fixed in between your gums or teeth

In case you feel these types of symptoms, you should not delay seeing your professional dentist. It will mean saving the condition of your teeth. In case your teeth start dropping off it is more urgent to see one. A dental surgeon or dental specialist can treat you and effectively save those valuable teeth.

Ordinary sense tips to avoid the horrible consequences of gum problem:

Have your routine dental checkups with your professional dentist minimum the period of 6 months. Your experienced dentist carefully checks your teeth health and health of your gums. In case gum problem is recognized at the starting stage - mild periodontitis or gingivitis - your dentist can completely clean your teeth. The problem can still be organized with antibacterial mouth washes as well as save the condition of your teeth.

Have your dental professional do a careful dental cleaning. The process of dental cleaning would eliminate calculus and plaque earlier than they can do some more harm on your gums and teeth.

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Selecting a professional Emergency Dentist Houston TX that is even an experienced dentist is very must important for your conditions. It is a recognized truth that all the dentists have a widespread amount of dental training, that just allows you understand that they are capable to perform the negligible amount that is needed, but having professional dentist that you faith and would work for you on a daily basis and an urgent basis is very beneficial.


As the stage of dental care differs from one dentist to another dentist, it is not good to search for the reasonable dentist you can easily find. A few experiences that all the experienced dentists are similar until it comes to one of their fillings or crowns falls out hours later than leaving the dental clinic and the dentist is not available on the call. Think regarding cost last, as well as look into some other important factors first.

One of the very important and first things to perform when doing shopping for an Emergency Dentist Open On Saturday is to request around to some others you know. Teachers, family doctors and friends in your nearby area can have some amazing referrals for good and professional dentists. Some professionals in the medical field can inform you some of the professional dentists to not avoid or consider. Confirming out some dental laboratories has always been a wonderful idea as they are the only that get dental work from nearby dentists and can check the quality type or non-quality work they are performing. Some other experts that closely work with Emergency Dental Treatment professionals are the periodontist or orthodontist in the specific area that can inform you in case a dentist is best, has an recognized reputation and in case he would work as an urgent situation dentist after hours or on the time of weekends that can be main in the process of decision making. After choosing some that you like the most, fixing a meeting to visit the dental clinic for a discussion is an intelligent idea. Seeing how the staffs of dental clinic reacts and what the dentists want to say will assist you decide in case they can perfectly fit your requirements or not.

When you are going to visit the dental office for Emergency Tooth Removal Near Me or for your discussion, it is really very important to ask some of the major questions. Check out how long they have been in the particular business, in case the emergency care is easily available on the time of weekends or the time of after hours, doesn’t matter the dentist is concerned at all in the society, and what their office timings and standard processes are.

Confirming that your professional dentist is a reputable and experienced emergency dentist as well would keep you from facing a few of the different dental horrors that some do without a professional dentist that can be available for them when in requirement.

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Are you feeling a problematic tooth problem and want to find Best Local Dentist? Searching one is simple when you recognize where to look, and there be different methods people route to when looking for dentists. There is the old school technique of looking throughout the local directory or asking a referral or a friend; then there are some latest techniques like web searches and Internet reviews. Whichever technique you select, this article has got you properly covered.


Referrals and Recommendations

Possibilities are you know anyone that regularly sees a Best Dentist Near Me, so possibly the best recommendation can come from them. Request them regarding who they see, what their knowledge is like, and in case they are pleased with the work being complete. Recommendations and referrals are two of the most effective methods to find new dentists in your nearby area, thus do not be afraid to ask around. Also, confirm that you seek out different choices earlier than making a decision on anything.

Online Reviews and Internet Searching

Earlier, we used to route to the local directory or any other clunky book to search something. Luckily, we do not need to do that any longer thanks to the online technology. The web is chock of some reviews, ads, and different types of useful tools that were not around years before; and yes, there is even an online directory. Thus take benefit of this, and who understands, possibly you will find your next favorite Dentist Open On Saturday without leaving the comfort of your desk. But be careful of putting too much real estate into reviews online: just same as with suggestions, you must always seek different opinions earlier than setting any meetings.

Cutting down Your Choices

Now that you have finished your research, it is good time to cut your choices. But there is one more important thing you have to do: make meeting. Some Saturday Dentist Near Me can call your first meeting a "free discussion," even as some others can call it an "intake meeting." In spite of what someone calls your first session, it is your chance to meet directly with your new dentist. Think regarding the questions you need to ask. Are you working on holidays or weekends? How do you work with urgent situations? Would you accept my coverage? Just you know which particular answers would suffice as proper, thus it is good to think regarding them now earlier than you go in.

Check, Analysis, and Report

You can make a mental note as to how the clinic’s receptionist welcomed you, look carefully the clinic, and do a mental examination. Is it completely clean? Were you welcomed with a sweet smile? Do you check any odd looking machines? In case so, feel completely free to ask what actually they are and what they are planned for. Trust me, you do not need your wisdom teeth dragged the old-school manner. Bring a complete question’s list with you.

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When your children need fillings or bonding to build up a chipped tooth, you don’t have to worry about how the dental work will look. White fillings, as provided by your children’s emergency dentist after a trauma, fit right in with the rest of the teeth. And for filling cavities, BPA free fillings are the only type of white fillings used by the best dentist for kids in Brooklyn, NYC.

White Fillings pediatric dentist Brooklyn NY

Most people receive dental fillings at some point in their childhoods. In the past, the primary material for fillings was silver or amalgam. Although strong and safe, every time your child speaks, chew or smiles, the silvery color shows distinctly. White fillings, also known as composite fillings, provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative, made with a strong, safe and virtually invisible material for your child’s dental health.

Mixed with a bonding agent, the glass, quartz or resin material used in white fillings safely restores and enhances the shape and strength of your children’s teeth. While previous composite fillings were only used on the front teeth or the sides of back teeth due to strength concerns, new materials and techniques have increased the durability and longevity of the fillings, resulting in lasting, elegant restoration of your children’s compromised teeth.

The Benefits and Uses of White Fillings

Composite fillings aren’t just used for cosmetic dentistry purposes. They are extremely versatile with a wide range of uses and benefits, such as:

  • Less of the existing tooth to remove than if you opted for silver fillings, as the white filling bonds directly to the tooth material
  • Aesthetically pleasing as color of material that’s easily adjusted by your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn to match the adjacent teeth
  • Chipped, broken or cracked tooth repair
  • Contouring to change length or shape of small teeth or misshapen teeth
  • Insulation of the tooth nerve against extreme temperatures, something not provided by silver fillings
  • Closing wide spaces between teeth, part of a smile makeover
  • Protecting and strengthening weakened teeth

The Method Used for Your Child’s White Fillings

The best pediatric dentist provides a kid-friendly environment to ensure any dental process is as painless and comfortable as possible for your children. Communicating the process to your child provides greater understanding and cooperation. Steps to place BPA free fillings for your children’s teeth include:

  1. Numbing the gum and tooth, first with gel on a cotton swab and then with a small needle in the numbed gum
  2. Removing the decayed material with small, specialized dental tools that can make high-pitched noises or grinding sounds
  3. Cleaning the tooth and area thoroughly to remove all grit and material that could compromise the filling or bonding
  4. Applying a mild acidic agent to slightly roughen the tooth, ensuring a good bond
  5. Matching the color precisely to your children’s other teeth for the greatest invisibility
  6. Applying the tooth-colored material to your child’s tooth in layers, carefully molding to provide a good bite, proper fit and pleasing appearance
  7. Hardening between layers with a handheld curing light
  8. Trimming and polishing the final layer for a smooth and pleasing finish

The best children’s dentist finishes a white filling in 30 to 60 minutes per tooth with natural-looking results. The effect is instantaneous, and there’s little-to-no worries regarding aftercare.

BPA Free Fillings

Due to concerns regarding Bisphenol A (BPA) in the news, your pediatric dentistry of Brooklyn uses only BPA free fillings. The FDA recently banned BPA in baby bottles and children’s drinking cups. Many other companies followed suit by eliminating BPA from their products as well.

Though present at one time in white fillings, your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn NY now uses only BPA free fillings as materials in their composite resin. Your child’s safety and well-being are essential. so using the safest, most well-regarded materials ensures their continued health.

White Fillings for Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Children develop issues regarding their teeth for any number of reasons. Poor brushing techniques, illnesses, injuries or trauma can all impact the health of their teeth and possibly put their oral health at risk for years to come if not treated correctly. Pediatric dentistry of Brooklyn is that important to your children’s present and future health.

The best pediatric dentist in Brooklyn strives to use the safest, most advanced materials for your children’s health. As with all fillings, white fillings do eventually wear down and must be replaced. However, the advances in technology, methodology and the materials used have strengthened the durability and lengthened the time between needed treatments. White fillings often last seven to 10 years.

White fillings give your child confidence and a healthy bite, as well as protecting growing jaws and facial structures. Taking into account your budgetary needs and concerns, as well as the best course of action for your children, your pediatric dentist in Brooklyn works with to make the experience as painless and trauma-free as possible.

Do you have any questions about the White Fillings (BPA free) for Kids & Teens in Brooklyn? For more information or to schedule an appointment with the Brooklyn’s top pediatric dentist Igor Khabensky DDS of Family Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry of Brooklyn? Please contact our kids dentistry center for consultation with the kids dentist Igor Khabensky DDS.

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Dental Bridges


If you have a missing tooth or multiple teeth missing, dental bridges can be a good way to improve your appearance since your dental bridge cost is more affordable than other options. Your family dentists in Brooklyn, who also is one of 2018 America’s best dentists, provides extensive information on a dental bridge vs implant when you face replacing missing teeth. If you have questions like — how long does a dental bridge last? – how does it feel or what’s the best alternatives for your specific needs — he’ll answer them.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge before and after
Dental Bridge Pictures

Whether you have missing teeth due to injury, decay or disease, the gap between your teeth can affect your health and lifestyle in a number of ways.

Dental bridges provide an artificial tooth to “bridge” the gap left by a partial tooth loss of one or more natural teeth. The bridge for teeth is held in place by two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap.

Occasionally, instead of using crowns on the adjacent teeth, especially if the gap covers several teeth, implants may be placed as the supporting abutment teeth for a fixed bridge. Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist only uses this technique if the gap covers the entire side of your mouth or your present natural teeth aren’t strong enough to provide adequate tooth bridge support.

Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

Made of gold, alloys, porcelain or some combination of these materials, a dental bridge restores your ability to eat and speak for a natural and younger-looking appearance. A tooth bridge restores lost tooth structure to eliminate the possibility of the unsightly and uncomfortable movement of your other teeth. Dental bridges, when provided by the best bridge dentist in Brooklyn:

  • Restore your smile to its former, even and symmetrical appearance
  • Maintain the youthful shape of your face and eliminate the possibility of a gaunt, aged appearance
  • Restore your ability to chew properly
  • Distribute the forces in your bite to reduce extra wear and tear on your remaining teeth
  • Prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of position or loosening

Different Types of Bridges Available

Tooth bridge types come in different forms, depending on your individual needs, mouth requirements, concerns over dental bridge cost and desired outcomes. The types of bridges include:

  • Traditional bridge provides a crown for your natural adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. This is the most common kind of tooth bridge, and it’s usually made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.
  • Cantilever bridge works best when you only have one supporting side for the missing teeth. The cantilever bridge dental process isn’t very common, nor often recommended by your Brooklyn dentist, especially in the back of your mouth because the force placed on your remaining teeth risks damage.
  • Maryland bridge (also called resin-bonded bridges) are made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal porcelain framework. A Maryland bridge is a cost-effective method, they’re often bonded on just one side, usually the back of existing teeth.
  • Implant supported bridge follow the same process as traditional bridges, except they use implants as abutment teeth instead of crowns on your remaining natural teeth. You don’t have to consider dental bridge vs implant when both are part of the solution. Implant technology advancements have allowed this method to replace cantilever options while providing stronger support if your natural abutment teeth are partially damaged.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Depending on the number of teeth involved and the length of the teeth bridge, you may need several visits to your Brooklyn dental clinic. The process involves these steps:

  1. Your first visit incorporates the preparation of your abutment teeth. If you opt for crowns, your teeth are re-contoured by removing enamel to provide room for the crowns.
  2. As for the types of bridges, if you and your Brooklyn family dentist decide implant supported bridge will work better for you, you have the implants placed either during this visit or in the following visit.
  3. Impressions of your teeth are made to serve as a model to make the teeth bridge, abutment teeth crowns and fake tooth.
  4. The best Brooklyn dentist places a temporary bridge in the gap to protect the exposed teeth and gums until the lab makes the permanent bridge.
  5. On your second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the new porcelain or metal bridge is checked and adjusted as necessary for a proper fit.
  6. Your dentist then permanently cements the fixed bridge in place.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

It’s hard to give a dental bridge cost estimate. Insurance should help cover at least a portion of your costs, though the cost of dental bridge may vary depending on your needs. There are several ways to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges often represent the more affordable replacement option.

How long does a dental bridge last?

With proper care, dental bridges will usually last from five to 15 years and in some cases longer. Aftercare includes normal good dental habits and regular checkups.

The issue of dental bridge vs implant takes into consideration issues such as dental bridge cost, abutment teeth health, durability, how long does a dental bridge last and esthetics — everything that should be discussed with your cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn.

Do you have any questions about the dental bridge procedure in Brooklyn? Would you like more bridge dental work information or schedule an appointment with the best rated Brooklyn bridge dentist Khabensky DDS of Family Cosmetic & Implants Dentistry of Brooklyn? Please contact our dental clinic for a consultation with the dentists Alex and Igor Khabensky DDS.

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