First things first: Why choose a dental implants specialist in the first place? Why not simply Google the cheapest dental implant provider in the neighborhood and go for it?

Umm, hold on. We’re talking about your mouth here! The one you eat with, smile with, talk with and, let’s not forget, KISS with!

Let’s just say you wouldn’t trust your baby to any come-along “doctor,” and you shouldn’t when it comes to your pearly whites, either. You’d choose your child’s pediatrician with care, and the same principle applies when choosing the person who’ll ultimately restore your smile to its former glory.

Whether you’ve lost a tooth (or teeth!) to the accident, age, chronic disease, or decay….protect your dental implant investment by selecting your provider wisely!

1 – Dental Implants Cost

Unfortunate, but true: You get what you pay for. We all like to save money, but some offers are just too good to be real. Dental implants are a money-making machine for lots of dentists these days, but their skills, materials, follow-up, and customer service may leave something to be desired. Think about it…a dentist who offers super-cheap dental implants must make up for it by cutting corners somewhere! Don’t fall into a trap of quantity over quality!

Dental implants set the gold standard in tooth replacement because they are durable and can last a lifetime with proper care. They look and feel natural, and deliver a confidence boost only someone who’s walked around with a missing tooth (or ill-fitting denture) for any length of time can appreciate.

A reputable dental implants specialist will offer you a choice of quality materials, and explain the respective expense in detail (preferably in writing). A single dental implant installed by a reputable dental implant specialist starts at $1,300-$1,500, depending on where you live. When you see cut-throat prices, ask questions!

Does the price include consultation, x-rays, and pre-op evaluations? Does it include the implant only or does it cover the abutment and crown as well? What materials are being used? Is a follow-up visit part of the deal?

2 – Qualifications of a Dental Implants Specialist

Did you know that any licensed dentist can, in theory, legally perform dental implant surgery? That’s right…no specialized training is legally necessary for a dentist to cut open your gums, plant a titanium screw in your jaw, top it with a crown of some sort, and send you on your way.

That’s where your own research comes in. If possible, get recommendations from friends or family members who had a positive experience getting dental implants and are willing to endorse the dental implants specialist who performed the work. Don’t know anyone who has dental implants? Leg-work on your part may be required. Check Google, social media, Yelp!, and any other sites you can think of to get a comprehensive picture of your dental implants candidate. Did other patients have a good experience?

Next, call to schedule a consultation. Request a cost proposal in writing. Get at least three estimates from different candidates before you commit.

3 – Before& After Pictures

The proof is in the pudding – uh, pictures! Ask to see before & after photographs of previous, REAL patients who had the dental implant procedure performed by the specific dental implants specialist of your choice. Does the color of the implant match the person’s natural teeth nicely? Does the shape of the dental implant flow well with the rest of the person’s bite?

Tooth replacement dentistry is a competitive market, and as is always the case where money is to be made, the sharks are lurking. Don’t fall for empty promises or low pricing. Your dental implants won’t come cheap. You have a right to expect quality work and lasting functionality.

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