5 Advantages of Invisible Braces Treatment

As compared to conventional braces, the latest procedure of Invisible Braces Treatment has many advantages. Read on to know some of the advantages of this preferred dental treatment
A few years ago only metal braces and brackets were used to correct various flaws of teeth including irregular and protruding teeth. With the advent of new technologies and materials, Invisible Braces Treatment has emerged to be the latest procedure to align and straighten crooked teeth.
This modern procedure of Invisible Braces Treatment, practiced by most of the dentists all over the world, has numerous advantages over the traditional metal braces. Some advantages of this latest option of braces are as follows :
  • Simple Procedure
As compared to the conventional braces, the procedure for invisible braces is much simpler as it is painless and requires no anesthesia or hospitalization. Treatment begins with the dentist taking x-ray, three dimensional photographs, and impressions of the patient’s teeth and gums. These braces are customized to fit in your teeth as per the prescription identified by the orthodontist. It takes over a month to make these braces.
  • 3 D Simulation
As the dentist takes the photos and impression of your teeth, models are made from these inputs, which are then scanned into a computer. 3 D simulation videos are created, giving an idea of the treatment prior to starting it, which turns to be a motivating factor for the patient. Moreover the patient also comes to know as to how he/she would look after the treatment.
  • Aesthetic Looks
As the name suggests, these braces are virtually invisible, giving more aesthetic look and feel as compared to the traditional metal braces. Made from a clear plastic or acrylic material, invisible braces, or clear aligners as they are called, have become the preferred choice of patients who value quality, looks as well as comfort.
  • Easy Maintenance
Unlike the conventional metal braces, the invisible braces can be removed, making it easier to brush and floss effectively, thus maintaining cleanliness and overall oral health. As these are made from acrylic material, there is no chance of any metal allergies. Moreover these clear aligners can also be removed for cleaning purposes as well as for any occasion.
  • Comfortable to Wear
Invisible or clear braces are more comfortable and effective than conventional braces. Since these have to be worn for a fixed period of time daily, they can be occasionally removed. Unlike the conventional braces that are made from metal, invisible braces are made from comfortable plastic, eliminating the chance of irritation to cheeks and gums.

Although costlier than the conventional metal braces, Invisible Braces Treatment has emerged as the top choice of patients seeking correction of their teeth with minimum discomfort while maintaining aesthetic looks.
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