1. Increased intake of acidic food and drink-

Consumption of acidic fruits and juices on regular basis can cause tooth erosion. Also fizzy drinks such as cold drinks which are consumed on a large scale these days can cause erosion as well. Vinegar as well as excessive alcohol consumption weakens enamel. The enamel is very strong but the regular consumption of the above mentioned beverages weaken the enamel and cause erosion. Erosion is non-reversible. After the wearing off of the top most layer of enamel, teeth become sensitive, painful as well as their susceptibility to decay increases.

  1. Eating sugary / sticky food

Eating chocolates, sugary foods, sticky treats increase your chances of tooth decay as these tend to stick around in your teeth for hours. Snacking in between meals also causes decay as there is an excess level of carbohydrate consumption.

  1. Smoking / chewing of tobacco

Smoking has advanced effects on your overall health but it is also directly linked to oral disorders. Tobacco is the major cause of oral cancer. It also causes gum diseases, loosening of supporting structure of teeth, overall disintegration of oral health and rapid tooth decay.

  1. Overbrushing of teeth

 People who tend to use hard bristled toothbrushes or an abrasive tooth paste or do overzealous brushing tend to harm their teeth than do good. This leads to a condition called abrasion it damages teeth and irritates gums.

  1. Chewing on pens, pencils and ice

Biting and chewing pens or pencils might seem harmless but it can cause your tooth to fracture or chip and might damage the enamel of the teeth.

  1. Using non-fluoride toothpaste-

Fluoride is usually under valued and not given the importance it should be. Fluoride toothpastes effectively reduce tooth decay and make teeth stronger. Hence, while selecting a toothpaste, it is always advisable to buy a fluoridated toothpaste.

  1. Grinding and clenching of teeth-

Subconsciously clenching and grinding of teeth at night or during the day may cause toothache or further may leads to TMJ problems. Stress also is a major factor for people to grind their teeth.


Prevention tips and replacement options

  1. Awareness of the condition.
  2. Avoiding consumption of citric fruits, soft drinks, sports drinks and soda.
  3. Avoid in-between snacking, sugary foods, gummy treats, etc.
  4. Try to quit smoking and consumption of tobacco in any form. Tobacco is the major cause of oral cancer and best if avoided.
  5. Stop overbrushing. Always use a medium bristled toothbrush and gently make sure to clean all the tooth surfaces.
  6. Refrain from biting on pens , pencils and ice. Do not open any packets / bottles with your teeth.
  7. Choose fluoride toothpaste as fluoride makes teeth stronger.
  8. If you’re a known bruxer or you clench your teeth then you should get a mouthguard made to avoid further damage to your teeth.


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