A dental crown is just like a form-fitting cap placed over the crooked or damaged tooth to offer an aligned or even smile. A dental crown or cap helps a person to restore both the function and appearance of a damaged tooth. Undoubtedly, a crown looks and function the same as that of a natural tooth. Little care and maintenance are required to keep it working for years to come. For that, a patient has to take proper care of the diet and make sure to avoid some food for at least 1-2 weeks after getting a tooth cap. Even after getting treatment at the best tooth cap price in India, patients teeth get damaged or crooked because of their improper diet. They actually do not take care of what to eat and whatnot. 


Want to know, what are the foods to avoid with tooth cap replacement? Give a read to this article. 


  1. Hard Vegetables

Crunchy and hard to eat vegetables can hurt or damage the newly crooked tooth. So, it is better to eat vegetables that are soft and do not require any force while eating. This will save your newly placed cap from damage. 


  1. Cold Foods

You should avoid extremely cold food instantly after getting a dental crown as the teeth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures like too hot or cold. Also, patients with exposed gums have a visible root that can cause pain and trouble when exposed to too hot or cold food. So, be very careful with what you’re eating.


  1. Nuts

Nuts are high in protein but can be risky to eat after getting a dental cap or crown. So, it is better to avoid eating nuts until you receive the permanent crown. And, wait until the crown gets bounded with the teeth before switching to any hard food. 


  1. Gum

A lot of people have a habit of chewing gums to refresh the mouth or after having any meal, but it should be avoided after getting dental crowns. Instead of chewing any sticky gum after the meal, it is advisable to rinse the mouth with either mouthwash or water. Gums can damage the crown if it gets stuck to the tooth, so it is better to avoid eating it. 


  1. Raisins

Raisins are considered a very healthy snack but have higher chances of getting stuck in between teeth. That’s why experts always advise patients to avoid eating raisins after getting a tooth cap or crown. One should stay away from all the dry fruits for at least a month after getting a crown. 


As per professionals, dental crowns can last up to 15 years if proper care is taken. A crown takes up to a month to get properly fixed on the tooth. Till then, a patient must avoid all of this aforementioned food. Along with this, make sure to maintain better oral hygiene so that the rest of the teeth remains healthy. If you fail to take proper care, it might result in tooth extraction. Although the extraction of tooth cost is not that much, it can cost your visual appearance, so it’s better to be careful. 

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