Getting a dental crown is potentially one of the most popular treatments in restorative dentistry. Aiming to improve the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, dental crowns are long-lasting and offer an effective solution against tooth decay and cavity. While the treatment is so popular among people, most of them aren’t even aware of the facts associated with a dental crown. Do you also come under the same category? If yes, then you must give a read to this article as it talks about some of the must-known facts about the dental crown. Let’s talk about them one by one.

FACT 1 - Dental Crown Process Is Relatively Quick Than Others

You will be surprised to know that getting a dental crown will take no longer than two dental visits. During your first visit, the dentist will examine your oral situation, take the essential x-rays, and then begin the treatment. On the second visit, the dentist then fit the crown and make the necessary adjustments to ensure whether the crown properly fits or not. 

FACT 2 - Dental Crown Can Bridge Any Gaps 

A dental bridge or crown is considered a restorative method that is performed when there’s a gap in the smile due to the missing tooth. Here, getting dental crowns prove to be very helpful. They effectively bridge all the gaps by connecting two crowns with a false tooth. Those two crowns are placed over the teeth on either side of the gap and then the false teeth present in between properly recreates the illusion of a complete set of teeth.

FACT 3 - Dental Crown Can Prevent An Extraction

People with a badly decayed, broken, or a worn-out tooth has no hope left rather than simply extracting the tooth. But, this is not the truth but the fact is dental crown can actually save your tooth from getting extracted. This can only be possible when you visit the dentist on time. He first examines your oral situation and if the tooth can be saved, shaped, and saved, the dentist definitely recommends getting a dental crown rather than a tooth extraction.

FACT 4 - Dental Crowns Don’t Stain

Generally, dental crowns are made to look and work the same as natural teeth. However, unlike natural teeth, dental crowns do not stain at all and this could be a major advantage to people who just love to eat and drink without being worried about stains. But, in future, if you are planning to get your teeth bleached, you need to understand that the procedure won’t work on dental crowns. So, it is better to first get teeth whitening and then a dental crown.

FACT 5 - Dental Crowns Requires Proper Care

Undoubtedly, dental crowns do not stain at all, but that doesn’t mean, you will not take care of the crown. After getting a crown, it becomes essential to maintain a proper oral routine otherwise, bacteria start developing where the crown meets the gum line. If you don’t know, then ask your dentist about “How to clean your dental crowns properly?"

These are some of the major facts that every patient should be well aware of while getting dental crowns. Now that you know the facts well, keep them in mind whenever you get a dental crown. Other than this, the rest of the dental treatments such as clear aligners, implants, etc. have also some major factors that most people aren’t aware of. So, one should always get knowledge before getting any type of dental treatment.

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