5 Surprising Causes of Tooth Decay You Need to Know

Learn the surprising causes of tooth decay that might be present in your day-to-day activities. Learn how to safeguard your teeth with these tips on oral hygiene from our Red Deer dentist.

Acidic Foods and Drinks

  • Acidic foods and drinks can weaken tooth enamel.
  • Frequent consumption can lead to erosion and decay.
  • Examples include citrus fruits, sodas, and vinegar-based dressings.

Dry Mouth

  • Lack of saliva can increase the risk of decay.
  • Saliva helps neutralize acids and wash away food particles.
  • Certain medications and medical conditions can cause dry mouth.

Snacking Throughout the Day

  • Constant snacking doesn't give teeth time to recover.
  • Each snack can expose teeth to acids and sugars.
  • Opt for healthier snacks and limit snacking frequency.

Mouth Breathing

  • Breathing through the mouth can dry out saliva.
  • A dry mouth allows bacteria to thrive and cause decay.
  • Address underlying causes like allergies or nasal congestion.

Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

  • Grinding wears down enamel and creates cracks.
  • Bacteria can enter these cracks and cause decay.
  • Mouthguards can protect teeth during sleep or stress-induced grinding.


Tooth decay isn't always caused by obvious factors like sugary treats. Understanding these surprising causes can help maintain better oral health.

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