The current demand for teeth is not only to ensure eating function but also to improve aesthetic beauty. This demand has made the dental manufacturing industry grow strongly.
The introduction of modern dental laboratory outsourcing helps power local dental labs to meet the market. However, there are still many local dental labs wondering whether or not to dental laboratory outsourcing? Should or should not cooperate with dental labs outside the country? Besides the Chinese market, is there any other quality and reliable outsourcing market? Let’s find out with Xdent lab 7 FAQs about dental laboratory outsourcing that are most interested today.

1. What is dental laboratory outsourcing?

Dental Laboratory Outsourcing is when you hire a dental lab outside the company to process your dental products. Outsourcing can be in the country or abroad, depending on your decision.

2. When do you need a dental laboratory outsourcing?

Dental Laboratory Outsourcing will be useful to you in the following cases:

– You have a large number of orders compared to the lab’s capacity

– You do not have enough funds to invest in modern machinery and equipment for dental production

– You are not specialized in the field of dental manufacturing

– You want to focus on the business area, expand customers, improve services

– You need to save costs, get more benefits without investing too much in machinery and human resources

– Dental Outsourcing is often the choice for small and medium-sized dental labs in the early stages of operation

3. What are the benefits of dental laboratory outsourcing?

Dental Laboratory offers many profits if you properly exploit the potential of outsourcing.

– The source of goods from outsourcing is always diverse, competitive, and quality.

– Save production operating costs, technician costs, investment costs, and depreciation of production equipment

– Less material costs on products remarks

– Can focus on customer service, marketing, market expansion

– Changing partners when not satisfied with quality is always easier than changing and recruiting new employees to work directly at the company.

– Dental laboratory outsourcing abroad allows you to understand more about the dental world, culture, and working styles of other countries, creating a premise if you want to expand your business beyond the country.

4. How to reduce the risk of dental laboratory outsourcing?

Outsourcing brings a lot of convenience to businesses when it can save investment in equipment and production management costs. However, Dental laboratory outsourcing still has obstacles that you need to overcome. When overcoming all obstacles, outsourcing will help bring huge profits to your lab. You can refer to the article below for a better understanding.



5. Why dental laboratory outsourcing provides reasonable cost?

Outsourcing helps you manage costs better because the final price is calculated on the finished unit, not on the loss of materials when you produce it by yourself. Dental outsourcing labs often operate with high productivity, thereby helping them always have a better source of dental materials at a better price.

Resources are also a factor that helps dental outsourcing have strengths when they have a team of specialized and fixed technicians. Expertise and stability always bring stable costs in production activities

6. How to choose a quality dental outsourcing laboratory?

Choosing a quality dental laboratory is the top choice because this is your long-term business partner in the future. The quality and stability of outsourcing lab help you feel secure about product quality and aesthetics.

If you want to cooperate with a dental outsourcing laboratory in the country, you can come directly to the lab to learn and receive a sample for reference. If you choose a dental lab abroad, you should proceed step by step as follows:

– First, you need to find out information about the lab on all aspects of the internet, images, websites, activity information on social networks are regularly updated.

– Check customer service: Do they respond quickly or does it take a week to respond? Is the information clear or ambiguous? Good customer service makes it easy to communicate and solve problems during work

– Check the quality and shape of the teeth: Please ask for samples to check the quality of materials and also the aesthetics of the teeth. Based on that, you can decide whether the processing cost is worth it

 Find out if the productivity/day of the lab can meet the requirements of the goods

– The remaining information such as delivery time, remarks, payment method, contract.

7. How about a dental outsourcing laboratory in VietNam?

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is also a potential dental outsourcing market that many international customers prefer to cooperate with. The professions related to aesthetics and dexterity have always been Vietnam’s strengths for decades. The strength of dental manufacturing has further developed when combined with modern tooth manufacturing technology such as Cad/Cam, milling machines.

 In Vietnam, Xdent is one of the prestigious and quality dental outsourcing laboratories. Our dental lab is located in HCM city, Vietnam, making our services both convenient and cost-effective. We provide outsourcing services include crown and bridge, implant, design services, and other add-on services to dental professionals. From the simplest to the most complex cases, we give you access to the best materials, components, and the best manufacture to obtain your product satisfaction.

 Our restorations are fabricated with more than 100 skilled technicians, and great care during the production will provide you with the best products, short production time, and competitive cost on the market.

Author: Xdent team

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