Don’t you feel envious about the movie stars or models because everyone has the perfect smile and sparkling white teeth?

Well, they are in the showbiz, and their appearance is their asset. The majority of these media personalities get the smile corrected at the best Cosmetic dental clinic in Mumbai.

Why do we have yellow teeth? The reasons are many. The blog talks about the seven most common reasons.

#1 Smoking

Why do smokers have yellow teeth? Because the nicotine present in the tobacco causes stubborn stains. Not only that, it loosens the teeth and affects the gums also.

By following good oral hygiene habits and visiting the Best dentist in Mumbai one can reduce the damage. However, the best thing is to quit smoking.

#2 Diet Habits

Consuming food that is high in tannins causes yellowing of the teeth. Also, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, and wine also do the same effect.

When the enamel of the teeth gets damaged, there is a long-term discoloration. A Cosmetic dental clinic in Mumbai offers treatments to make the teeth white and shining. However, it is equally important to correct dietary habits.

#3 Illness

Certain medical conditions and medication affects the color of the teeth. Stained teeth are common amongst the patients undergoing chemotherapy for neck or head cancers.

Medicines prescribed for Asthma and hypertension also cause yellowing of the teeth.

#4 Poor Oral Hygiene

If you do not clean the teeth properly, then plaque and tartar deposit on the outer surface. Thus, the teeth appear yellowish.

To make the teeth appear white, you need to take efforts. Instead of trying home remedies, you should visit some Cosmetic dental clinic in Mumbai to get the right treatment.

#5 Fluoride

Do you live in an area where there is excessive exposure to fluoride? If yes, then there is a high possibility of yellowing of teeth. Notably, children are more affected by it.

#6 Aging

You like it or not, but as we get old the teeth lose their shining and whiteness. It is quite normal. One shouldn’t worry about it much.

If the yellowing is excessive, then it is possible to correct it by doing cosmetic dentistry procedures and using professional-strength whitening products.

#7 Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, bulimia or vomiting causes harm to the uppermost layer of the teeth. Not only they get eroded but become yellowish as well.

All these prominent reasons make your white teeth yellow.

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