Why You Should Get Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me

If you’re looking to brighten up your smile, there are plenty of teeth bleaching near me options available to you at the dentist office. However, these services can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention inconvenient if you don’t have easy access to the dentist office in the first place. Fortunately, teeth whitening can also be done at home with various over-the-counter teeth whitening kits that are readily available in most drug stores and supermarkets.


What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that makes teeth appear brighter and removes stains. The process can be done at home with a toothpaste containing bleach or through a professional treatment that uses an abrasive material to remove surface stains. If you choose to go with professional teeth whitening near me, you can have your teeth professionally cleaned first and then have them whitened. The office will then apply either a gel or tray on your teeth to get rid of any surface discoloration before rinsing it off in 30 minutes. It may be best to get professional whitening twice a year to keep your smile looking bright and clean!


What’s Involved In Professional Teeth Whitening?

Many people think that whitening their teeth is easy. They look at celebrities, who have perfect white teeth and assume that’s something they can get as well. In reality, professional teeth whitening near me will be able to provide you with much better results than doing it yourself at home. Professional teeth whitening near me may use different methods for a more natural look than what you can do on your own. The process of bleaching your teeth takes time and practice to get just right, but professionals are experienced with what works best for each person based on their coloring and desired results. If you want whiter looking teeth, professional whitening is certainly worth looking into!


How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Once your dentist or hygienist applies whitening gel to your teeth, you need to leave it on for a set amount of time—anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. The longer you keep it on, the better results you’ll see. To get your best result possible, you may want to get two or three treatments in a row. The length of time between appointments will depend on how much sensitivity you experience and how quickly your enamel absorbs bleaching gel. It's important that you make regular trips back to your dentist so they can check up on and monitor any changes made by bleach in the enamel of your teeth during whitening treatments.


How Much Does A Good Treatment Cost?

While you can get teeth whitening at home using a product that you apply, there are obvious risks with doing so. Many over-the-counter teeth whiteners contain very harsh chemicals that can damage your gums and overall oral health if used incorrectly. Also, certain products work better than others, meaning there’s no guarantee of a good outcome if you choose to go that route. It might not seem like a big deal to buy inexpensive toothpaste or mouthwash, but investing in dental care is important if you want to ensure your smile stays healthy for many years to come. If you decide to get professional teeth whitening near me from a dentist or other qualified expert, make sure it’s done correctly.


How Safe Is The Procedure?

It’s important to understand that not all teeth whitening procedures are created equal. Some over-the-counter options contain hydrogen peroxide, which can increase your risk of tooth sensitivity and damage tooth enamel. Other at-home options aren’t technically safe because they don’t use a dentist’s supervision—which means they lack a seal of approval from major dental associations such as ADA and AAAD. Overall, a professional whitening is far safer than anything you might purchase online or in stores due to its adherence to American Dental Association guidelines. And if you have sensitive teeth, a dentist will be able to adjust treatment so it doesn’t worsen them.


Can I Do My Own Home Whitening Routine?

If you’re wondering if you can do your own home whitening routine, or whether it’s better to go to a dentist or other professional, there are many considerations involved. Different people and different teeth will have varying results depending on how they care for their teeth between whitenings. If you go to a professional, it’s often cheaper in both time and money, but certain kinds of stains may be more difficult for them to get out than others and that is why going there might not be worth it depending on your case. Going at home saves money and time overall but requires regular maintenance afterwards which could ultimately cost more. There are also quality differences between products that should be considered as well before making a decision about where to purchase one from.


How Often Do I Need To Have The Procedure Done?

As stated before, it depends on a variety of factors, including your diet and whether or not you smoke. But in general, a professional teeth whitening treatment is most effective when done every six months to a year. If you don’t want to wait that long to see results or aren’t in a position where you can afford it right now, try at-home teeth whiteners like bleach pens and strips. They won’t give you as dramatic of results as professional treatments but they’re faster (and usually much cheaper). Here are a few more recommendations if you need fast but affordable results.

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