ADA Lobbying for Increased Dental Medicaid Funding

A recent article in the Nation's Journal provided insight into the ADA's lobbying activity around the current proposed heathcare reform legislation. Increasing funding for dental medicaid is a primary focus of the ADA according to the article.The ADA noted that low-income Americans are the ones hit hardest when it comes to access to adequate dental care and they would like to see a larger government role in addressing the problem.The director of the ADA's Washington office noted that having dental Medicaid included to the proposed healthcare legislation and that is a top priority.What do you think. Many are doubtful that the Obama administration will be able to pass any healthcare reform legislation this year. How likely do you think anything that passes will include the kind of dental coverage that the ADA is spending your membership dollars to lobby for?
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  • This comes at a time when our Health and Diet Program has been introduced. Finding ways to bridge the gap of reduced receivables. Managed care has greatly reduced receivables as we know all too well. We strive to implement programs such as these to find ways , as health care providers, to bridge that gap.....effectively. Being a part of this, especially at this time in economics, is exciting to say the least. Being in the office for over ten years, I have seen the good and the bad.....but this IS the ugly! And I am not even the Dentist!!!! But I feel the HIT! Having introduced this into my life and into other Medical and Dental professionals, at least I do feel a sense of "helping the health care system" per say.
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