Adult Braces On The Rise

There has been a slow but steady rising trend of adult braces in the country.As reported by the San Bernardino sun, there are over 1 million adults in the U.S with braces now.Also according to the recent survey taken, there is a 37% increase in adult brace's from 1994 to 2004.Most doctors are finding that the average customer is getting braces primarily for cosmetic purposes and for no other reason. According to Dr. Ricardo Suarez, ""More people are interested in cosmetic procedures,sometimes to get a job, or to just get in the door."Advances in technology have created new options to straighten teeth in less time, with less discomfort and less visibility. Braces are simply not what they used to be."Most of the cases I see are mild," said Suarez. "Many adults have had (the idea of) getting braces on their minds for a long time, and it just takes that spark to go do it."As dentists, have you noticed a steady upward trend in the rise of adult braces? If so, on average how many do you see per year and are they primarily for cosmetic reasons?You can read the full article from theSan Bernardino Sun here
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