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Ok, I have been told by many that they are losing clients due to the economy. An I agree, it feels like there are fewer patients because fewer people are covered with basic Dental insurance, or for that matter any Dental plan, even very high deductible ones. So, my question is, are you in favor or opposed to government funded health care? And if so, is your support based purely on business outlook?
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  • I am not losing patients and I believe is happening to most of our colleagues.What is happening is that patients are having less amount of procedures done. Even making comprehensive Dentistry on these days, we don't have those many that can afford the complete treatment. We can still spend time performing good work keeping optimun oral health on our patients.
  • I believe that Allen is correct. In an ideal world, it would be nice to see everyone benefit from dental coverage. But, I do not see it as being an answer for those colleagues who are losing patients due to the economy.
  • Government funding does not appear to include dentistry. And, if it did, we get into the one size fits all type of plan, penalizing those who are willing to spend appropriate time with their patients.
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