Bothered By A Gummy Smile?

When you smile…do your gums appear bigger than your teeth??? Are you confident enough when you smile??? Does the constant display of your gums while smiling makes you cover your mouth every time you smile??? Well then gum lifting is just the thing for you…

But before getting it done you need to understand what causes gummy smile and What can you do about it.


     What Causes Gummy Smile?

  • Undersized teeth that can make the gum tissue to look prominent.
  • An abnormal eruption of the teeth that causes teeth to be covered by excessive gum tissue.
  • An over developed elevation muscle of the upper lip that causes the lip to rise up higher than normal and making gums too visible.

     What Is Gum Lifting?                              

  Dental gum lifting is also known as gingivectomy and it is a cosmetic dentistry procedure which improves the aesthetics of your smile by        ensuring the gum line of your teeth is in the best position possible to show off your teeth.

 The aim of a gum lift is to restructure excessive or uneven gum tissue surrounding your teeth.


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