It is the process of using bleach or other materials to make teeth whiter. These materials remove stains or other discoloration from the tooth surface. 

In-Office Whitening

Although take-home whitening can bring about satisfactory results, in-office teeth whitening offers the most dramatic results. 

  1. Thedentistfirst protects the patient's gums and surrounding tissues by applying a protective gel or a rubber


  • The dentist then applies a whiteningsolution on the teeth
  • After the gelis applied,a light is used to activatethe whitening  agant
  • Dentists specially formatted LED lights to achieve optimum results.



MYTHS                                                                                                                    FACTS

a)You can whiten teeth with baking soda 

a)This will disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your mouth.

b)You Can Whiten Your Teeth by rinsing With Hydrogen Peroxide

b)Hydrogen Peroxide, when it comes into contact with the tissues, causes free radical reactions. These are the same reactions that age living tissue.

C) Once Whitened, Teeth Will Stay White Forever.

c) The color change is permanent, however, the aging process continues, which means your teeth continue to yellow. Touch-ups are needed to maintain the whitening.

d) Strawberries and Lemons Can Be Used to Whiten Teeth.

d) The way it works is the acids eat away at your teeth enamel. In the end, you can do permanent damage to your teeth if you take this route to whitening your teeth.

e) Whitening Can Be Done At All Ages.

e) Whitening children’s teeth can damage the live tissue inside the teeth. Only in some cases can children’s teeth be whitened safely.

Add white to your wardrobe

Your whiter smile can positively affect other people's perceptions of you, as well as your own self-esteem.


This can have important benefits for your professional and social life.


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