What are dental crowns?

A crown also known as a cap is used to restore the look and function of the tooth which is weakened by decay, has a large filling,etc


What are the uses of a crown?

  • To repair a fractured tooth.
  • To restore a cracked tooth.
  • To cover a weakened tooth.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • To cover up an irregular tooth.
  • To protect the tooth after Root Canal Treatment.


What are the types of crowns available?

  • Ceramic fused to metal
  • Ceramic crowns


What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is used to close the gaps caused due to missing teeth. It resembles natural teeth and restores normal function.

It is used to replace a missing tooth and maybe used to replace a single tooth or several teeth in a row.

What is the procedure to make crowns?

The dentist will take x rays of the tooth to be prepared and numb the area with a local anaesthetic agent to avoid any pain or discomfort the surrounding tissues.

Once the area is numb, the dentist will start reducing the tooth in such a way for the crown to be placed properly.

Tooth supported bridges

A dental tooth supported bridge is a non implant solution for replacing one or more teeth. They look very natural and last long depending on your maintenance. Tooth supported bridges are fixed with the help of adjacent teeth and are permanent.


Implant supported dental bridges

As the name suggests, these dental bridges use implant as opposed to dental crowns. An implant is placed surgically at the location of the missing tooth and the bridge is placed over it.



Missing teeth can cause a variety or problems in your mouth and it thus advisable to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible

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