Choosing the Right Dental Night Guard for Better Sleep

A good night's sleep that replenishes our energy and self-esteem is vital for our general health and well-being, and yet, for many people, this is disrupted by teeth grinding or clenching, which is medically known as bruxism. This mechanical habit is produced unconsciously and is the origin of headaches, jaw pain, and, in most cases, long-term teeth breaking. One effective solution to these issues is designing a dental night guard. It is imperative not simply to pick up a quality night guard but also for its effectiveness in grinding prevention. Here is how to determine the best dental night guard to improve your sleep quality.


Understand the Types of Night Guards 

Night guards come in various types, each designed to meet different needs and preferences:


Soft Night Guards:

Soft night guards are ideal for those with mild or sporadic bruxing habits. They are stress-free and easy to adapt to. This could be sufficient, although not for people with very hard teeth.


Dual Laminate Night Guards:

These guards represent something mild on the inside and impossible to break on the outside. They are an optimal option that can be used on everything from mild to severe grain, and they have decent resilience and comfort features.


Hard Night Guards:

They are made of acrylic, which makes them very durable and suitable for more serious coffee drinkers. However, their comfort rating may be lower than that of other helmets, and it could take some time to get acquainted with them.



Consider Customization

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Night Guards

These are packaged and can be bought without a prescription at most pharmacies. They are the cheapest options but also the poorest due to their bad fit and large size, which sometimes make the matter even harder for a patient and wag the symptoms.


Boil-and-Bite Night Guards

A step up from OTC braces, they allow more variation. They are softened in boiling water, after which you take a bite out to form an impression of your teeth. The customized models fit better than standard OTC models, though they are less efficacious than completely custom-fitted ones.


Custom Dental Night Guards

These are made from an impression taken by dentists in houston or a dental technician. They are the most suitable, comfortable, and secure items of clothing. Despite being the most expensive type, they are often considered cheap because of their high quality and effectiveness.



Assess Your Comfort and Needs

An individual needs to select a particular dental mouth guard that will be able to be worn throughout the night without any discomfort. It shouldn’t be something that will make you run to the trash bin with a gag reflex, be too chunky for your mouth to handle, or fill you up way too fast. Consider, as much as possible, things like the girth of the guard and the material stretchiness. Your bite guard must be relieving you to close your mouth without any hassle or irritation.


Consult with a Professional  

Before you make the night guard your choice, it is recommended that you visit the best dentists in houston. They can grade the seriousness of your bruxism; they can also identify any other issues that may exist and prescribe the most suitable type of night guard based on your unique needs. A dentist will also personalize fittings and adjustments in order to make sure that the night guard fits perfectly well and functions really well.


Summing it up

This article has stated how you can make life happy by having aligned teeth and by maintaining proper hygiene. Proper maintenance not only extends the life of the night guard but also prevents mouth infections.  Here is the tip to confirm and cross-check the price of the night mouthguard so that you can have the proper budget for it.  Remember, the right night guard improves sleep and contributes to your overall health by preventing the myriad issues caused by unchecked bruxism.

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