Common Must-Haves Dental Lab Equipment You Should Know

Different types of dental lab equipment

It is important to choose the right china dental equipment. No matter if your lab uses digital technology or traditional methods, choosing the right equipment is crucial. You want to ensure that every piece of equipment is working in order to achieve the best results. Your lab can meet increasing demand for fixed and detachable dental prosthetics by investing in high-quality equipment.



Common Dental Lab Equipment Equipment Dental Lab Must-Haves

1. Dental Microscopes

A dental microscope, a classic piece of equipment that you will find in most dental laboratories, is what you will find. This allows dentists to see fine details and features that are difficult to see with the naked eye. This equipment can improve the quality of your treatment and examination. A dental microscope's ergonomic design reduces the risk of back pain and other body aches.


2. Dental Scanner

Let's say you want to share information with patients in a new and innovative way. A dental scanner is the right choice for you. The scanning system makes it possible for orthodontists use new technology to make diagnosis and treatment plans easier.


3 Model-building Equipment

You can either bring manufacturing in-house, or improve existing operations with industry-leading 3D printers. It allows dental clinics and laboratories to quickly produce splints and clear aligner models, biocompatible surgical guide models, fixed patterns, models and complete dentures.


4 Dental Die and Casting Machine

Although porcelain and ceramic restorations are becoming more common, many dental labs still prefer metal-based ones. This type of treatment requires that components are correctly cast. Dental die and casting equipment are a great asset to most dental labs. This machine automates many labor-intensive parts of the fabrication process. This machine also allows for high-precision monitoring of temperatures and timings.


5 Divesting Machines

A dental divesting machine is necessary to remove any mould around a casting. It is essential to clean and remove all dirt from a dental lab equipment. You can choose from zirconia, metals and ceramics for your dental divesting machine.

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