Cracked Tooth Syndrome is an oral health condition in which a tiny tooth particle has broken down. The most challenging task is that it isn't shown on X-rays, and it is quite difficult for healthcare professionals to identify the diagnosis and treatment. Individuals experiencing cracked tooth syndrome may go through sporadic pain, especially when biting or chewing food items. Some people require dental crowns, while others can be cured with root canal therapy depending on the body's limit, desire, or condition; the healthcare professional recommends root canal therapy as essential if the crack extends into the tooth's pulp.


What Are the Causes of Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Cracked tooth syndrome can happen for many reasons, so it's better to take care of your mouth by performing teeth whitening houston. The reasons for causing fractured tooth are as follows:-

  • Bitting hard or chewing hard objects like ice or unpopped popcorn kernels.
  • The weakened muscles by large fillings are prone to be more susceptible.
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth may exert extra pressure on your teeth, which leads to cracked teeth.
  • Tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking cold or hot items may expand and contract cracked teeth, exacerbating current cracks.
  • Cracked teeth can result from trauma or accidents, such as a blow to the mouth.



Diagnosing cracked tooth syndrome is one of the toughest tasks for urbn dental houston uptown because it takes several months to figure out the actual reason for causing dental problems. To find effective treatment, healthcare professionals perform a complete oral examination, including physical examinations, family, dental history, imaging tests, X-rays, and scans. These scanning tests and examinations help healthcare professionals in detecting cracks. People who have genetics or a family dental history are more likely to have cracked teeth in the near future.



Are you clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping? Talk to denist office near me

and discuss issues with them as early as possible. Grinding or clenching teeth enhances the risk of cracked tooth syndrome.


Treatment Options 

What are the different treatment options for cracked teeth?

Consider yourself lucky because different treatment options are available to recover from cracked teeth are mentioned below:-


Dental Crown

A dentist's office near me often uses dental crowns that can be used to protect and cover the affected area. Moreover, it also protects surrounding teeth from damage.


Root Canal

If the crack reaches the top into the tooth's pulp, root canal therapy is a must to eliminate infected tissue and then seal the crack.


Tooth Extraction

The dentist often recommends tooth extraction dental treatment for the severe condition as the only option. Otherwise, it worsens the tooth's condition over time.




Bonding can be used to recover minor cracks, where a tooth-colored resin will be applied to the affected tooth to restore functionality and appearance.



A tailored mouthguard is an effective medical equipment feasible for people who grind or clench their teeth.


Follow Up

Regular follow-ups, maintenance, hygiene, and care are essential in treating oral health medical conditions to prevent further complications.


Wrapping It Up

Fractured teeth do not show any symptoms but worsen the condition gradually. So, it's better to take care of your oral health properly as it is connected with overall health.

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