Dental Crown Helps Your Smile

Dental Crown Helps Your Smile

What can a dental crown do for your smile? There are several uses for a dental crown, some cosmetic, some practical. But, the bottom line is that dental crowns help your smile. Whether you’ve had a bad cavity or a fractured tooth, dental crowns restore the look and function of a tooth.

The Fresh Look of a New Dental Crown

Our teeth are very durable, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. Teeth fracture from too much stress, such as biting a very hard piece of food, like popcorn seeds or ice. Cavities and root canal infections destroy a tooth from the inside. The tooth weakens over time and eventually breaks. Accidents fracture and even chip teeth.

But this damaged tooth doesn’t need to be a permanent look. A brand new dental crown revitalizes your look and renews the function of the tooth. Don’t suffer from the pain of a damaged tooth; let the best houston dentist renew your smile.

There are three main steps to receiving a dental crown:

  • Preparing the tooth
  • Constructing the crown
  • Installing the crown
  • Getting Your New Dental Crown

On your first visit to the dentist, the doctor prepares your tooth. Preparations primarily consist of filing down the crown of the tooth so the new crown fits over your tooth. This leaves a small nub of your original tooth. The best dentists do everything they can to preserve your original teeth.


When a tooth is extremely decayed, it may require more than a filling to treat. We have the most advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Rubab Mirza in Houston offer crowns that protect your teeth and improve your smile.

Once the tooth is ready, the dentist creates a cast of your teeth. The cast provides the laboratory with an accurate representation of your teeth so they construct a perfectly fitted crown. Finally, the dentist places a protective temporary crown to protect the tooth until your next visit.

After this is complete, you’ll go home. The construction of a dental crown takes up to a couple weeks, but once it’s ready, you’ll return to have it installed.

The second visit to the dentist is the most exciting: this is when you get your new crown! The dentist checks your teeth again before carefully installing your new dental crown. Make sure the new crown feels comfortable and secure; you’re going to have it for a long time! You don’t want it to be misaligned because small gaps become havens for bacteria. The crown must be snug and secure for maximum benefit.

Improve the appearance, size and strength of your teeth with a dental crown from Naba Dental. We accept most dental insurance. Dental crowns are cosmetic teeth covers made out of different materials including metal and ceramic. Schedule your appointment today.

After that, you’re done! Go home and enjoy your new dental crown.

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