Dental Emergencies



What is a Dental emergency?

Any dental problem that requires immediate treatment in order to save a tooth, stop ongoing tissue bleeding or alleviate severe pain is considered a dental emergency.


How soon should you see a dentist?


Immediately. Getting to a dentist within 30 minutes can save your tooth and also help the dentist to alleviate your pain.


Here are a few instructions to follow during a dental emergency.


What to do if your tooth is knocked out?

  • Call your dentist for an emergency appointment
  • Clean the tooth gently and place it in the socket without damaging any surface
  • If you can’t place it in the socket then immerse it in milk and bring it to your dentist immediately


What to do if your tooth is fractured?

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress to reduce swelling
  • Take an ibuprofen for immediate relief
  • Visit your dentist immediately


What to do when tissue is injured?

  • Clean the wound with warm water.
  • If your tongue is bleeding, pull your tongue forward and use cotton to apply pressure to the site to reduce bleeding.



Sharp shooting pain can also be caused by hot, sweet or cold stimulus. This requires immediate attention by your dentist and requires treatment / fillings and antibiotics prophylaxis is given.


Other dental emergencies include fractured filling, broken or loose implants, swelling, post extraction pain, post-operative swelling, etc


Dr Krinita Motwani who is one of the top 10 dentists in Mumbai suggests that many dental emergencies look worse than they are.

Therefore contact a dental professional at the earliest and follow their instructions carefully


At Dr. Krinita Motwani’s Dental Clinic in Bandra west, dental emergencies are handled promptly without any delay with utmost care, helping you to regain normal function of your tooth / jaw and be pain free as quick as possible.


Contact details are as follows

Dr. Krinita Motwani

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343.


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