Dental Marketing Tools

There exists a large array of choices dental practices may choose from when it comes to structuring the internet presence and brand message. The tools are plenty but they all fall subservient to superior plans and strategies. It is not necessary that the highest and most expensive technologies are employed, rather it is crucial that the landscape is efficiently assessed and the strategy keenly planned. The internet and its other technologies are merely tools of execution.


Websites are the basic part of the strategy. All other strategies need to be rooted in the site since it is the platform visitors will come to once they have heard the name or experienced any of the promotions that have been meted out. But it is crucial to note, that a great dental website alone will not pull traffic.


Blogs are a personal touch to any business. It publishes musings and arguments for and against and is a very effective meter to understand the temperature of the market. It’s an opportunity to receive feedback and to provide explanations and create awareness and understanding.

Mobile Platforms

These platforms are the anchor when pursing the mobile market. Mobile computing has become a significant part of the main stream and this is beneficial to those who take advantage of this early. Think of it as the ability to call on a person to sell him your goods at any point in time without being obtrusive.

Direct Mail

Every dental marketing campaign must seriously consider including direct mailings. It is an opportunity to provide a tangible item the recent can touch and feel. It is a tried and trusted method of communication.


In the wake of a successful email harvest campaign, a large email database, will serve to provide direct access to people who check their mails everyday and is an important part of staying in touch. It is a good way to ask people already connected to introduce another email. Emails are a good way to send out e-books about dental hygiene or invite them with a link to the website.

GPS Marketing

This targets people who are not customers. These are newbies who happen to be in the area and a message is sent to their phone. A free gift, wither a product or a service, can be given in exchange for a simple registration form where emails are harvested.

These are some of the basic tools that can be used in a multitude of combinations, priorities and variations. It is a good way to drive traffic to the website, blog and the store front.

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