Digital Dentistry and Oral Health

Being linked is so critical that even in the midst of a global pandemic, we need to stay in touch with family and friends for support and emotional power. But our physical wellbeing is equally critical, so we still need to remain linked with our healthcare professionals—especially the dentist. Around the same time, dental teams need to remain engaged with patients to ensure optimum oral health in these tough times.

Our pre-COVID rituals were interrupted. Patients work and sit at home, sometimes in sweats or pajamas all day, and many don't wash or floss like they would if they were dressed to go to work - in the usual daily routine. The added appeal of readily available food—so close to the pantry and refrigerator, loaded with sugary, processed carbohydrate snack food—adds double damage to oral health. And this should not take into account the impact of bruxing due to the stress induced by the pandemic. All this from simply staying home.

Smart toothbrushes provide a means for patients to remain connected to their home oral treatment. These new instruments combine with software to provide input on the pace, length and coverage of brushing to help direct patients to stronger, more complete treatment. They also let patients add a friendly twist to their everyday routine with sports, trivia and favorite songs while brushing. In short, smart toothbrushes enable patients to remain linked to productive self-care habits. As the best dentist nearby in Midtown NYC, we like to promote oral health through patient use of smart toothbrushes. 

As part of the transition to digital dentistry, JDental promotes oral and systemic wellbeing by remaining linked to patients and recommending the most innovative self-care technologies available.

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