Do you wake up with a feeling of discomfort in your jaws and head ache…or your family complaining about how weird noises your teeth make while you are asleep…well these sound like symptoms of teeth grinding and should be taken care of immediately…


Teeth grinding (bruxism) is involuntary clenching, grinding and gnashing of the teeth that usually happens during sleep.

Most common reason for teeth grinding is usually stress and anxiety…it can also happen due to misaligned teeth…and by the use of alcohol, drugs or caffeine.


Effect of teeth grinding and what can be done???

  • Wearing off of enamel.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Headaches and pain in the jaws.
  • Loosening of teeth and damage to restore tooth.



To solve this issue one should head to his/her dentist as soon as possible to protect the teeth from further damage and also should start wearing mouth guards.


Contact details are as follows

Dr. Krinita Motwani

Khar west, Mumbai.

Mbl : 9820280343. 



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