The wisdom tooth can bother you if it is not growing properly or you are experiencing puffiness on the sides of your mouth and in your cheeks. Mainly a problematic wisdom tooth starts hurting when you find that your mouth has gotten firm and it is being difficult to close and open the mouth. You may also experience pain while you are eating or chewing something. Such types of situations require an Emergency Dental Extraction .


Why need a wisdom teeth removal near me?  


The most common factor that any individual feels the necessity of wisdom teeth removal is that they don’t have enough space in their mouth for all teeth. Such kinds of conditions make you take the necessary precautions in order to make your teeth grow in the right manner. 

Because improper growth of wisdom teeth can affect the rest of teeth’ growth so it is necessary to grow them properly.  


What factors are responsible for the damage of your wisdom teeth?


If you have gone through any sort of trauma like biting a hard candy, or if you have fallen from a height causing injuries in your wisdom teeth can damage your wisdom teeth.  


The following reasons may lead to a damaged wisdom tooth such as: 


  • If its eruption angle is odd.
  • Maybe the neighboring molar has erupted over the spot where the wisdom tooth was about to erupt. 
  • Also, if the eruption procedure is easier but later you find wisdom tooth rotting and breaking because of tooth decay.
  • Tooth infection and decay:  if you talk about a chipped or broken wisdom tooth, it is important to treat it timely because if left untreated may cause various oral issues.  A broken wisdom tooth may have a crack or hole that is more inevitable to bacteria and decay leading to several serious dental issues. 
  • If bacteria develop inside a cracked molar, it may start decaying because you will experience difficulty in cleaning the site. 
  • An uncontrollable molar tooth infection may spread to the neighboring gum tissue or other teeth and maybe to your jaw leading to additional health problems.  




Indication of wisdom tooth infection:


  • Swollen on the surroundings of the broken tooth and nearby tissue.
  • A sensation of throbbing pain.
  • You may have a fever.


If you want to prevent such issues, you should have gone through a wisdom tooth extraction near me before it gets uncontrollable. 


Treatment procedure depending on your condition:


The dentist will take X-Rays to access the broken tooth, the treatment will depend on the situations like the position of the erupted tooth before breakage, cause of its break, etc. 

Once your dentist has recommended you the wisdom teeth extraction treatment, you will require an oral surgeon’s services. Your dentist may prescribe you some antibiotics and prescribe you wisdom tooth pain relief that helps ease pre-extraction symptoms. 


While performing the wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will numb the area and move the tooth in to and fro direction so that the tooth becomes loose from its socket. If the extraction is complex, he/she may give you general anesthesia so that the procedure can be completed easily.  


If your damaged, infected wisdom tooth is causing a huge problem, you should visit your dentist for getting your wisdom teeth extracted.

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