Easiest Ways To Clean Between Your Teeth

Easiest Ways To Clean Between Your Teeth

Easiest Ways To Clean Between Your Teeth

As we know, brushing is the easiest way to keep teeth clean. However, what happens in between our teeth? These areas are inaccessible with our normal brush. Hence,  flossing at least once a day is recommended, making this yet another habit in our daily hygiene routine.


Why interdental cleaning?   Red or bleeding gums can be an indication of accumulating dirt  that cannot be reached. Therefore cleaning in between your teeth can  improve both gum and general oral health. There are some steps we can take to eliminate bleeding gums. These are simple tips to help you to maintain gum health.


Dental Floss

For a good clean in between the teeth, the most common option is the use of dental floss. Flossing helps to remove the sticky film called plaque accumulated in between the teeth. Generally, this is the ideal option if the gap is very narrow.


Water Jets

Water Jets or Oral Irrigators work using a pressurized stream of water or mouthwash to dislodge plaque from the gum margin, the gaps between the teeth. Water jets are easier to use and work efficiently.





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