When treating patients, dentists may order for production of several dental restorations that are required for the treatment. Such restorations are usually produced by certified dental laboratories using advanced dental lab technology. When such a restoration is required, a dentist has to send a copy of the prescription specifying the treatment that the patient is undergoing, along with the items to be manufactured and also mold of the patients’ teeth or mouth to the laboratory, which would be used as a measurement. Dental laboratory technology is used by the lab technician to create the exact item.

Certain specific standards with regard to quality assurance, safety, manufacturing and business practices need to be followed by such certified dental laboratories. Here are certain facts to know about these laboratories before using their services:

  • It is important to find out if such laboratories have the license and are authorized to carry on such activities.
  • You should check if excellent and qualified technical support is being used in the laboratory for production of various products.
  • The laboratory should uphold safety and quality standards with regard to the products used and the processes followed for creating the various items as per dentists’ prescriptions.
  • The dental lab should maintain proper record of the various products it uses, their manufacturing and expiry date as well as the brands of such products. It should be ensured that quality products are used, which won’t pose any health hazard to the patient.
  • It should meet different government regulations imposed on such laboratories and maintain proper records of the same.
  • It should be monitored to see if the certified dental laboratories have trainings on infection control and that all their staff has mandatorily attended such training and procedures and applies such knowledge while producing products required in the treatment.
  • The lab should have a remake policy in writing.
  • The fact that the laboratory provides expertise in the specific areas should also be stated.
  • It will be best if The laboratory have the latest machines like a milling machine, 3D Dental scanner, CAD/CAM software etc. which gives a better result in less time.

A certified dental laboratory (CDL) should check all these above pointers and use modern dental laboratory technology to provide the patients with excellent service in dental care. Such a lab takes pride in its professionalism and top-notch quality as its certification represents it to be in the top rungs of its industry. In case your dentist uses a CDL, you can have the confidence of knowing that the lab in question meets the specific standards and uses modern dental laboratory technology to offer outstanding services and facilities.



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