Not every tooth problem comes with tooth ache. There could be problems growing inside without causing pain.  

Dentistry is a visually-driven profession. Without being able to see what’s going on under the tooth surface, a dentist is definitely left ‘flying blind’ to know what’s going on inside our teeth.

X rays help give the dentist a better view of what’s going inside. Using x-rays to look in between teeth, underneath the gum line, and into the bones of the jaw, the dentist can get a much more thorough look than is possible with just the naked eye alone. 

How do X-rays work?

X-rays provide a special type of light that can travel through your skin and bounce off of any metal target. The calcium in your bones is considered a metal target and allows X-rays to produce a picture that can clearly outline your bones and some of your tissue. This information is important to dentists because it allows them to take a look at the inner structure of your teeth and mouth


What can dental X-rays tell you?

Dental X-rays can tell you a lot about your mouth and teeth.

  • Visualize disease around teeth and surrounding tissue
  • Detect and treat dental problems early on, reducing costs for the patient
  • Show the decay around your teeth or underneath fil­lings.
  • Reveal infection or bone loss
  • Monitor how permanent teeth are growing for kids
  • See tumors or cysts
  • Check for cavities or oral health concerns
  • Observe wisdom teeth as they grow


Radiation exposure

Protective measures

Radiation exposure is limited only to the teeth and mouth. Use of protective leaded aprons and thyroid collars help minimize direct exposure to the abdomen and thyroid gland. For pregnant women and young children undergoing radiation exposure, it is very important to use thyroid collars.


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