Tooth extraction is simple when your teeth are inflamed severely or your wisdom teeth are inflamed or grow awkwardly. It is the procedure to remove the teeth from the gums and stop the infection from spreading. A general dentist can do the extraction process, but an oral surgeon or a periodontist usually does it.


However, tooth extraction can be done due to a severely decayed or cracked tooth, dental trauma, or teeth crowding. In these cases, tooth extraction is necessary to maintain good oral health, and the procedure can be done surgically. 


Here are some steps of dental extraction and what you should do before and after.




Numbing your tooth


This is the first step in which the emergency tooth extraction near me in nyc will administer an anesthetic injection to numb the tooth area, gum tissue, and bone surrounding. This is necessary to minimize the pain and discomfort in the patient’s teeth while extracting the tooth.


Extraction of the tooth.


As the dentist numbs your tooth, the next step is extraction. The dentist will use tooth extraction forceps to pull the tooth from the socket. If the tooth is deep-rooted, they perform an adult tooth extraction process. Therefore, in some cases, bone fragments or spurs may need to be removed present. While the dentist puts the tools to remove the tooth, you may feel some pressure but not pain. 


Closing the space left by the tooth.


Once the dentist removes the tooth, the dentist will clean the area to ensure that any bone spurs and fragments are removed entirely from the tooth. They will sew the gum tissue to stop blood flow and prevent further infection. If bone fragments are still present, they may cause discomfort to the patient, but they can be treated with medicine or removed later.


Manage tooth bleeding.


To reduce bleeding, the dentist will place gauze over the extracted area and instruct you to bite down on it. You should continue applying hard pressure on the bite for nearly an hour. Some bleeding is expected when the gauze is removed. Therefore, the tooth extraction near me dentist will advise you to chew on a wet tea bag for 30 minutes to stop the bleeding.


Minimizing the swelling.


To reduce the swelling from your cheek, your dentist will suggest you apply an ice pack to minimize swelling. You need to apply it for 20 minutes at a time, use a cloth to apply the ice pack and don’t directly apply it on the cheek. Keep using the ice pack for the first 24 hours of the tooth extraction.


Post-extraction care.


To keep the area infection free, you must take enough care of the affected area and avoid eating hard foods for 2 days or until it heals entirely after tooth extraction.


Stop smoking or using straws and eating hard foods. Only consume soft foods and take medication to reduce discomfort or the risk of infection. 




Rinse your mouth with warm salt water before brushing and flossing the remaining teeth. Contact your 24-hour emergency dental extraction immediately for a follow-up consultation if you feel discomfort, bone fragments, or spurs.




Call your dentist immediately if you have continual discomfort, swelling, or severe bleeding. Emergency tooth extraction professionals and dental teams can help you through the procedure and guarantee the best possible results for your oral health. 


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