Experiencing Cutbacks at the best time......

Today I ended my week with a very grueling few days! I have now decided to cutback to two days a week at my dental job. I have been there ten years so it was a hard, emotional decision, indeed. But transitioning to a business that me and my husband are proud of! Still being able to work with Dentists, Physicians etc in the health care field. I always want to be a part of that aspect. But now most of my week will be with those professional people that make my life brighter and full of potential. I provide them with a way to improve their own business so it is extremely rewarding. I still love the patient contact so I like that I can go to the office still too! Transition time!
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  • Sounds good. I think you will find that working from home can be very rewarding. While I enjoy working with my team in our office, the 8 years when I worked 'virtual' from home were just great! I am very flattered that you like my name. I like it too. I have to say it has served me very well. :)
  • ...Myles....thanks for the inquiry. Since the blog I feel a bit better and not so emotionally involved, since I have new direction I presume! We have been able to work with doc's , DDS's, spa owners, some stay at home mom's, and other dental professionals to actually improve their own practices and at the same time improve my husband and I's financial state. I will be going to two days a week in the office I have worked in for ten years. Although am emotional decision for us, I am elated none the less! I am happy to be able to work with professionals with high standards in health care and to branch out into something I feel good about. I am sure it helps that my husband feels secure knowing I can make money from home when the time comes to be home with children someday. The products are what the doc's cliental already needs and wants, to providing them at one third of the cost and no insurance ties......they win in the profits and the patients feel the are benefiting as well. On the othe rhand helping a dental assistant do what I do and not have to work as much in the office, is uplifting for me too. Maybe because I relate and I have been there! Please keep in touch Myles! :) PS...I believe my first son will be named Myles...I love that name!!!!!!
  • Tell us more about how you and your husband help improve your clients' business.
  • Any major transition, either personal or professional, in an economy like this is stressful. Best of luck with the new move! Keep us updated.
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