You are no longer the person you used to be. Nowadays, you make a conscious effort not to smile as your teeth condition for some reason appears unpleasant. Understandably, not responding to the smiles of the opposite person makes you rude, thus, you decide to withdraw from all social gatherings.


However, you are not alone; many others deal with such problems. Regardless of the reasons eclipsing the pearly white smiles, the solution is not far away. By visiting the dentist you can not only regain a confident smile but also improve your oral health. Here is an insight into some of the treatment methods the dentists will prefer. Furthermore, you can also check out for more information on how the dentists can help.


One of the commonly used treatments is dental crowns. For the unversed, the dental crowns are usually made from ceramic or porcelain. Thus, it suits well with the teeth-color. It is designated for repairing and strengthening fragile teeth and also attends the discoloration problem.

The dentist will usually fit these crowns over the tooth. Gradually, the tooth will regain its functionality and appearance.  The best part, you need not require visiting the dentist more than twice to get this treatment. In some instances, placing of these crowns becomes mandatory after someone undergoes a root canal treatment.


Most individuals with teeth issues will find the remedy with dental veneers. The procedure involves the necessary restorations to the frontal teeth. As you age, the teeth may start spotting gaps, cracks, or misalignment. The veneers are also made from porcelain and easily fit in over the existing teeth structure. The dentist may also go for composite resin veneers if necessary.

As already mentioned, veneers are the ideal solution for most people. Let the dentist make the final call on the veneer material so that it becomes the best match for the natural teeth. However, if your teeth are severely misaligned, veneers won’t help your cause. It requires the intervention of another treatment which we will read a bit later.


As the name suggests, if the dentist recommends you to go for an implant, it indicates replacing the whole tooth. Several reasons attribute towards teeth loss. It can be an accident, an underlying medical condition, tooth decay, gum diseases and more. The dentist will place an artificial tooth which comes with a root and gets support from a crown. However, not everyone requires undergoing implants. Particularly, if you are dealing with diabetes, implants are never an option.


Bridges mimic the implant procedure but it is different. With this method, the dentist aims to attach a false tooth between two crowns. If you are a candidate for the aforesaid treatment, you have to visit the dentist regularly, as it requires some preparations before commencing with the treatment procedure. The biggest difference between bridges and implants are, the former is not a permanent solution. Then again, it is up to the dentist in deciding whether a bridge or an implant will be more feasible.


For some adults, veneers are not sufficient to overcome the problem. In such situations, the dentist goes for the orthodontics treatment. By using veneers dentists take care of the crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Ultimately, it will restore the shape of teeth and provide you with the necessary boost in confidence. However, you must keep patience, as orthodontics treatment can take much longer than the other form of dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening

Maybe, some of the names above are unfamiliar, but the term teeth whitening must be familiar to everyone. You find a host of products in the form of “home teeth whitening kits” in the market. Although tooth whitening doesn’t have permanent health benefits, it is still one of the most popular treatment methods. Before considering the take-home kits, you should consult with a dentist, as the reasons for tooth discoloration may have a relation to some other oral problems.

So, as you can see, there are wide arrays of treatment facilities that promise to make you smile confidently once more. Thus, it is not the time to shy away from social gatherings, rather seek an appointment with the local dentist, and watch how their services help you.

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