How Long Does a Root Canal Last?

Only the root canal treatment can save your teeth from extraction when your mouth bacteria penetrates your tooth and your pulp gets infected. An endodontist can prevent your tooth from infection and extraction by removing and cleaning your tooth's blood vessels and canals. While the tooth no longer contains living pulp tissue, emergency dental care can save your tooth by a periodontal ligament and ensures proper functioning.


While root canals may last for a lifetime, there are some circumstances where you need re-treatment of your teeth. Here are some factors to consider that may influence root canal lifespan.


Root Canal Treatment Success Rate

According to reliable studies, researchers have found that Root Canal Dentist Near Me has a very high success rate compared to other restorative processes. Only molar treatment has a significantly higher rate than root canal treatment.


This research is also beneficial for patients in understanding how root canal treatment last and why the process is worth considering. Also, it's to know how some specific circumstances can affect your treatment's longevity and durability.




Factors Affecting Lifespan of Root Canals Treatment

In which condition root canal has retreated after a few years? What steps should patients take to increase their durability and longevity? Here are some factors you can consider;


Timing of Treatment

A timely dental treatment provides better results than untreated or delayed ones. Your complications worsen significantly if your tooth's condition worsens and spreads to your jaw or other parts of your body. 


Timing and Quality of Restoration

You'll need a permanent dental filling or crown to prevent your tooth from infection with the help of root canal treatment. The quality of restoration and filling material is critical. The early you visit Dentist Houston Tx for a root canal treatment, the better. If you wait longer for your restoration procedure, your tooth is at high risk of severe infections.




Location of Tooth

Endodontist care for your front teeth is less complex since it has one root canal treatment. Furthermore, your front teeth cut and bite instead of grinding, and they need less force than your back teeths. If two or three teeth have a root canal, they are more complicated to treat and sustain more bite force while eating. This makes your mouth mechanism more vulnerable to problems that cause root canals that may be damaged by fracture. 


Patient Age

As time goes our teeth become brittle and more susceptible to breakage. This also affects how long your tooth canal will last; when it comes to restoring your molar teeths, a dental crown will help to protect your teeth from stress, so Emergency Dentistry Houston prefers dental filling in some circumstances.


Schedule a Consultation

If you need a root canal treatment, you should contact your Root Canal Dentist and schedule an appointment for a consultation at Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me.


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