A root canal is a complex procedure. Therefore, experiencing pain right after it is quite normal. It is a procedure that involves deep cleaning the tooth canals, which in turn can irritate nearby gums and nerves. Ideally, pain should not last for more than 2-3 days. 

In fact, a root canal treatment is performed to help the patient get rid of excruciating tooth pain due to a fractured or decayed tooth. There is nothing to worry about in mild to moderate pain for some days, according to the dental surgeons. 

But, any pain or discomfort beyond it might be a sign of some serious issue. It might also warrant additional canal cleaning or any other corrective procedure. So what should you expect after a root canal, and when should you seek help? Keep reading on to know everything about it. 

What to expect after a Root Canal?

  • The dentist might ask you not to freak out on some mild and moderate pain. Moreover, experiencing tenderness and soreness around the treated tooth is also quite normal. 
  • Some patients can also experience sore jaw post a root canal procedure. It might be due to keeping the mouth open for a longer time during the surgery. So, nothing to worry about. 
  • Caring for your teeth becomes more essential post a root canal. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, eating softer things, and gargling with salt water will help in reducing the pain. 

When should you Seek Help?

  • If you experience that your pain is escalating over time or recurring, it is high time you consult your dentist. 
  • You need to seek help when the tenderness and soreness do not go away even after 7-8 days of the root canal. It indicates that you might need some additional cleaning.
  • Patients usually get relief after taking pain-killers prescribed by their dentists. But, if you discover that you are not getting relief, you should inform your dentist. He might prescribe you a stronger pain reliever. 
  • If you see that your crown has accidentally come off while eating, make sure you consult your dentist immediately. Leaving the tooth exposed for a long time can trigger re-infection.
  • You see, at times the discomfort or persistent pain might be because your body is getting used to the new addition, dental crown.

So, this was all about how much does it pain post a root canal treatment in Bangalore, and when should you seek help. Make sure you stay in constant touch with your dentist and discuss any unusual symptoms with him. It will help you to recover faster. Last but not least, take good care of your tooth. Avoid eating hard food items and smoking for the first few days. Good luck. 

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