Life is busy. You may think there’s no way you could possibly fit a regular dental exam in between juggling your family’s schedule, completing tasks for your job, and maintaining a clean home.

Think again! In fact, your finances may require it.


Attending regular dental cleanings is the best way to prevent costly and painful conditions from developing and festering to the point of dire treatment. Skipping a dental appointment could cost you thousands of dollars, and dangerous conditions may not be caught until the problem hits crisis mode.

Consider this: The date for your yearly exam rolls around, and you think you are just too busy to attend. Eight months later, a piercing toothache forces you into the dental chair, and as the dentist peers into your mouth, you learn of a few cavities that have eaten away at your teeth. If you regularly brush your teeth, you may be shocked! But if you had attended your dental appointment eight months ago, you might have learned your teeth were showing signs of wear and tear. Your dentist could have taught you preventive methods or applied a coating of sealant for extra protection. Instead, you are shelling out hundreds of dollars for completely preventable cavities.

Still not convinced? Consider this as well: You may be paying money every paycheck for dental insurance. Why let that money go to waste and spend extra money on painful conditions that your dentist could have caught at a regular appointment? Don’t let your dental benefits go to waste.

Oral health care is as much about preventing cavities, oral cancers, missing teeth, and other painful conditions as it is about diagnosing and treating these conditions. Dental science has made significant strides in recent decades to offer patients top-of-the-line treatment options, but it’s also made detecting warning signs easier than ever.

Don’t let your busy lifestyle dictate when your oral health matters. Schedule your dental appointment today and smile brighter as you save money and your oral health with a dentist near me.

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